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Collection: Wooden Signs

Expert decorators state that a house with bare walls becomes a home immediately after you hang up the first framed picture or sign; the moment you hang the first piece of home décor you bring life to that space. In this section we ave personalized wooden signs which you can use a template or create your own from scratch.

Personalized wooden signs are the perfect canvas for you to express yourself and give “a voice” to the rooms in your house. A dining room is nothing but it, yet the addition of a beautiful, carved sign that says: “We eat together, we stay together” transforms it into the place where a family gathers to share food and talk about each other’s day. A bedroom is nothing but a space with furniture. However, an exquisite wooden sign with a romantic or inspiring quote, makes us think about peace, joy, and love. And we know we all want inspiration to emanate from every corner of our house!

Custom Wooden Signs

At Personalized by Kate, we carry the best wooden signs, which you can personalize it with the many options we offer. Our signs are made out of top-quality materials, and our engraving, carving, and printing techniques are the top-of-the-art. We also carry several sizes and shapes, according to your taste and preferences.

Wooden signs are not only a piece of home decoration; they can also be a space for useful information –such as the spot to write your address outside your house.

There is no question about every single business requiring a sign. The advantage of having a wooden sign is that this material always evokes elegance, professionalism yet approachability. If you work at an office, a courtroom or you are a doctor you want to reflect sturdiness, trust and warm at the same time, and no other material does it better than wood.

Personalized wooden signs make excellent presents for newlywed couples; just add an inspiring phrase or the name of the new family, and the couple will be delighted. Are you celebrating your 5th wedding Anniversary and have run out of ideas of what to give your spouse? Remember, you are indeed celebrating your wooden years! What a thoughtful gift: an exquisitely carved sign with a romantic quote, or the name of your spouse.

Every man’s cave or home bar needs an all-man quote at the entrance; is it your father birthday? Or you want something extremely original for Valentines? Give the man of your life a customizable wooden sign with a witty phrase or his name! We are also able to personalize it with his favorite team’s logo or anything that he would love.

Do you want your guests to feel welcome at your house? One of our customizable wooden signs at your doorstep will do the trick like no other! It will also be an eye-catcher. Each of our signs is craft-made with love, time and patience. Seek through our catalog and choose the wooden sign that will bring life to your walls!