Collection: Whiskey Decanters

You’ve seen the scene. A guy, all dressed up in a James Bond suit, slicked hair and calm manners. He pours himself a glass of whiskey using an elegant personalized whiskey decanter while reflecting on a wise business decision he just made. Rewind a little bit and go back to the view of the decanter. Mesmerizing, right?

Decanters were initially used for wine. Why? Because they are designed to encourage interaction between air and liquid –which is what you want with wine. With whiskey, decanters are intended to enhance stability –and of course, there is the aesthetic aspect of it. They are elegant, classy, and impressive.

The origins of whiskey decanters were purely functional, as decanters were the way in which whiskey was poured down from a barrel. Today, the story is different, and although they bring certain advantages in keeping the liquid, they are mostly ornamental. The fantastic designs range from wide-bottomed classic to broad-shouldered, making them one of the most popular items in any man’s cave.

There are three key things you must consider when opting for a whiskey decanter. First –a no-brainer – make sure it is large enough! A typical bottle of whiskey contains a little over 25 oz. That is 750 ml. If you plan to pour it all, make sure it can hold the entire bottle.
Then, go for decanters with an airtight seal to prevent air from entering or escaping. It replicates the bottle; nonetheless, you will get some aeration when you pour from the container to the decanter. Third, make sure you get a lead free crystal. What’s the problem with lead? Over time, lead can leach into the liquid to harmful levels.

Keep in mind, whiskey is a delicate spirit. Sudden temperature fluctuations and sunlight will impact the flavor and quality of whiskey.

So, what’s the process to decant a whiskey? The first step is to thoroughly clean the decanter, making sure you leave no water residue. Then proceed to remove the stopper from the top. You take the bottle you want to pour and carefully transfer the liquid into the vessel. Be careful! As crystal is prone to chipping.

To serve from a decanter, prepare your favorite whiskey glass –you may add ice or a splash of water –unless you prefer it neat. Whiskey and orange match excellently so that you can swipe a bit of orange peel around the glass rim. This will enhance the flavor and the smell. Then, carefully fill the glass from the decanter.
Personalized whiskey decanters are fantastic presents for fathers, husbands, or anyone who genuinely likes whiskey. They are a classy, elegant item that enhances the drinking experience and uplifts it to a more sophisticated level.