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Personalize Your Cutting Board

A personalized cutting board or a chopping board- is a board made of a durable material used for cutting. We use kitchen cutting boards to cut and prepare food. Our cutting boards are not only stunning but incredibly useful and are the perfect present to be given to a griller, chef, a host and anyone who enjoys cooking.

We carry a large variety of custom cutting boards: different shapes, sizes, and materials. We encourage you to choose your material first, depending on your needs. Our boards are made out of wood and different plastics, which make them the easiest to clean and maintain. Chefs and other cooking experts even suggest utilizing a different cooking board for different foods and in that way, avoid food contamination. The great thing about our cutting boards is that you are able to personalize them, not only depending on the recipient’s preferences but per type of food to be cut on!

Personalized cutting boards are not only a useful tool but can be the most splendid piece of kitchen decor –we suggest you hang them on display. The boards can be adorned with your family initials, monograms, dates to be remembered, designs, etc. They make the perfect gift for a host, a new starting family, a friend or anyone special in your life.

Newlywed couples cherish useful items as they are embarking on their new life. What better way to celebrate them than with a gorgeous cutting board with their family name engraved on it? We have plenty of choices to pick from at Personalized by Kate.

Custom Cutting Boards

All of our custom cutting boards are crafted with only top-quality materials. Besides, all of our cutting boards are covered with a specialized finish that protects the board from damage at the same time avoiding any bacteria to adhere to it. We have many designs and options for you to select from. Are you tired of your splintered, old, tainted cutting board? It is time to renew it and give your kitchen and home a fresh new start!

Customized cutting boards are also great for housewarmings, anniversaries and any other holidays that are about families; after all the kitchen it is considered the most important place in a house! We often find ourselves seeking a beautiful detail to give, when the recipient is a prospective client, our boss or our business partner. Giving them a personalized cutting board is a perfect way to stretch the bond while at the same time providing them with something useful and appealing.

Are you looking to start your own collection of family keepsakes? A personalized cutting board is a perfect memento that can be used for many generations to come.

Search through our catalog, pick your preferred size, shape and material. And then, the fun part! Pick the design you like the most. Put your heart in it! With our personalized cutting boards, it is all about love on every chop, dice, and cut!