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Collection: Recipe Boxes

Welcome to our personalized recipe box section where you will find custom recipe boxes with premade designs or you can create your own. These make for great housewarming gifts and to anyone that loves to cook.

Recipes are family’s true treasures; sure you can browse through the internet looking for recipes yet we are sure nothing compares to your grandma’s apple pie. You may encounter several ways to prepare it, but only your mother knows how to cook a perfect brisket; there are even television programs dedicated to showing it, but every other recipe of barbecue ribs are not a match to your uncle’s signature. And while we all know this, keeping our family’s recipes sometimes is harder than it should be; we often have them scattered all over the place and end up lost.

At Personalized by Kate, we have beautifully personalized recipe boxes, that store your family’s delicious secrets in a custom manner. There is no better place to have your recipes well-kept and organized than in a recipe box. Adding customization –such a family name or your initials- turns this practical, useful item into a family keepsake.

Custom Recipe Boxes

Personalized recipe books make excellent gifts for chefs, whose collection of recipes must be kept intact, as they are the basis of their know-how. From a top chef to an apprentice, every cook will love having their name displayed on a wooden recipe box; it will make them feel professional, recognized and cherished.  The recipe book is also a great idea if you want to give something original for a wedding; these couple is starting its own traditions and the kitchen is the finer way to begin.

When we think about family recipes, secret ingredients and cooking tricks nobody else knows we inevitably think of our mothers. Aside from love, it’s their unique directions and manners that turn ordinary ingredients into the mouthwatering dishes we’ve all learn to love (and sometimes cannot live without them!). This coming Mother’s Day, give her something distinctive: a personalized recipe box with her initials on and maybe a lovely phrase such as: “Mom’s favorite recipes” or “Measured with love and Sprinkled with Joy”.

Our boxes come in two different materials: wood and bamboo. Both can be engraved or printed according to your preferences. All of our recipe boxes come with recipe cards, so you can organize your recipes by category or alphabetically. To adorn your box we offer many designs, from contemporaneous and modern to classic and elegant; you are able to choose always thinking about the chef or cooking expert you want to honor.

Housewarming celebrations, anniversaries, Valentine’s; they all are the perfect occasion to gift a personalized recipe box.

For many families, their recipes are a relic. Family traditions often revolve around the kitchen and how things get done in there. Encapsulate those memories and guidelines to tasty dishes in one of our personalized recipe boxes. They will keep your recipes safely stored, organized, free from smears and tearing, clean and ready to be consulted.

Seek through our catalog for the options we carry and find a beautiful wooden recipe box. Let the cooking begin!