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Collection: Knives

Knives are one of those rare items that are useful everywhere!  We can find pretty much in every room of our house: we use them in the kitchen; we use them in our backyard/patio and of course in our garages. When we need to open packages, when we are fixing our car, the first tool that comes to mind is a sturdy, reliable knife.

Of course, when we think about knives, we think of our favorite man: our boyfriend, husband, brother, son, grandfather, best friend… and the list goes on. All men need and want a pocket knife they can carry everywhere to do what they do best: solve problems! So if you have his birthday coming, if Christmas is approaching or any other holiday, a super cool blade must be on the gift list.

At Kate’s, we specialize in adding a personal touch to every single item. So instead of having a regular, ordinary knife, your man can enjoy a prized possession. Something that is only his, it will be like his superpower tool. Not only our blades vary regarding type and size, but you are also able to customize them in many ways. The most popular one is to engrave his name or last name which has an additional perk: it avoids the likelihood of being stolen (we doubt anyone would like or use a blade with a name that is not theirs!)

We engrave our knives utilizing top-of-the-art technology, and our designs vary according to your taste. We carry stylish gentleman blades for men who want an essential, sharp knife in classic silver or any other solid colors. We also have edges with additional features, such as scissors and cutters for the men who like to have different options attached to his tools and we carry bolder superb designs for the hunter in disguise or the outdoorsy man of our lives.

Personalized knives are the ideal for different occasions: you can give one to your best man as an appreciation for his friendship on your special day; they are also perfect as a graduation gift, one your son will remember for many years to come. Customizable blades are excellent for companies as well, they can serve as the prize for an internal competition, for the employee of the month and of course, as a company’s promotional item.

Are your husband and son going camping or fishing? Give them a pair of personalized knives for their adventure and that day will be engraved in their hearts forever. Father’s day is coming, and you want to give him something meaningful, useful and fashionable? Pick a model from our catalog and add a personal touch to it.

In the kitchen, in the garage, at work or in the middle of a nature-adventure, your man will love to have a top-quality blade that does the job sharply and reflects his awesome personality!