Family names are an ancient, beautiful tradition. Your family name means that you belong somewhere. It is a lovely way to trace your roots. It is said that many nationalities want their people to memorize their family names at least back six generations. The use of family names is common in most cultures around the world, with each culture having its own rules regarding how these names are formed, passed, and used.

Personalized family name signs are one of the most perfect gifts for any occasion. Wooden family names can be used as a wedding present –the commencement of a new family. As a house warming gift, decorating one’s home is a realtor closer gifts, among others. The goal is to celebrate the date that the family was established; to feature the couple or family in a fantastic sign.

Are you having an anniversary coming? Share the love for your spouse with a personalized wood family name sign by Personalized by Kate. You can choose a monogram, the family´s last name, a memorable date, and different coloring.

All of our wooden signs are made using high-quality materials, we offer various sizes, which can become a perfect addition to the house decoration.

A personalized wood family name plaque makes a memorable gift for any newlyweds or a special couple celebrating an upcoming wedding anniversary. It also makes an excellent gift for other occasions, including bridal showers and housewarmings.

Choose from vintage, modern, classic, or romantic, depending on your taste or preferences. Signs are used to decorating but also warn and amuse. Not only they look fabulous in a house, but they can also be used in other spaces. Enrich an area with a rustic or elegant wooden family name.

They come in different sizes and can be customized using different designs, typographies, or images.

Personalized signs make perfect gifts: for newlyweds or housewarming presents: help to turn your friends or family’s house into a home with a one-of-a-kind sign. Is a family member having a baby? You won’t go wrong if you choose one of our signs and customize it with the family name! Are your grandparents celebrating their 50th year anniversary? A beautiful wooden family name displayed in the middle of the celebration will be the perfect item to have.

Have a blessing written, a funny phrase, a quote or a legend engraved in a beautiful sign: it will be a daily reminder that we come from somewhere, that our roots are traceable, that your qualities and characteristics descend from those before you. A concept to be proud and joyful!