Signage at events –such as a wedding –offers more than just point guests in a specific direction. If sings are beautiful and strategically positioned, they can be a lovely way to add moments of emotion or humor. Our wood wedding signs are design elements that will enhance your wedding celebration. 


Depending on the style, wedding signs can range from rustic (with messages conveyed in conversational tone) to elegant ones. Either way, wedding signs add a personal touch to the celebration. Aside from directing your guests into the restrooms or the deserts, they add the couple’s voice and their personalities to the day. Let every single item at your wedding speak about your love! 


Are you thinking about adding our beautiful wood wedding signs to your reception but are not sure how? You can be as creative as you want. We have tons of suggestions for you!

· Welcome sign. A no-brainer. The first piece of signage should welcome your guests into the celebration and let them know you are delighted they could make it. First impressions last, so this sign should be stunning!


· Ceremony carry signs. If you wish to incorporate wood accents to the ceremony, you can have your ring bearer or flower girls carry some wood signage. You can pick different ways to announce the arrival of the bride.


· Directional signs. Another popular choice, directional signs place around the venue, direct your guests to the reception, the desert spot, a photo booth, the bar or, the restrooms. Some couples also use signs to show the places they’ve visited as a couple.


· Hashtag sign. Modern couples are now asking their guests to include their hashtags when they upload photos and videos on social media. This way, the couple can later keep track of their event and recorded by family and friends. Right by the entrance or placed individually at each table, you can ask your guests to include your hashtag in a charming wood sign. 


· Cocktail or bar welcome sign. If you have the bar separated from the tables, it is always a good idea to include a sign to direct your guests. To add more fun, you can welcome people to the area with a festive phrase. 


· Bar list. Not every wedding offers the same variety of liquors and cocktails. Instead of having the bartender repeat himself a million times or have a regular, dull beverage menu, you can incorporate a lovely bar list sign. This sign lets guests know what’s on your wedding catering menu for your cocktail party.

· Gift sign. Have a beautiful sign let your guests know where they can place their wedding gift envelopes. 


· Personalized signs. Have lovely-designed wood signs for the special guests such as the mother-in-law, and of course, the bride and the groom. 


Whatever the use or the application, wood wedding signs are functional, and they are stunning incorporations to your wedding decoration. We carry many styles and sizes, depending on your needs. Seek through our extensive catalog and choose. Our wood wedding signs are pieces of decoration that will stay in your mind as memorable items forever.