Wood monogram signs are an elegant piece of home décor that doesn’t go out of style. Our offer includes many designs, styles, and sizes for you to choose from. And while you may be acquainted with what precisely a monogram is, here’s a brief introduction to this wonderful family tradition. 


To design and pick a monogram, first, you ought to have a better idea of what a monogram is. You’ve seen them in sweatshirts, steel mugs, framed pictures, and signs as a fashionable way to personalize everything. Monograms are your initials arranged and customized in color and style. If you think it was modern kings who came up with the idea, think again.


Monograms go back to 350 B.C., according to historical data. It was the way our ancestors left their mark on anything –a brilliant idea for stating ownership. They were also a status symbol. Initials were as crucial as stating your family name. The more prominent your monogram was, the higher the social hierarchy. Monograms were used only by the pillars of society. 


Other ancient traditions faded over time, but the use of monograms was enhanced by royalty. A must-have item, kings, and queens worldwide adopted the tradition and used their monograms to seal treaties and customize their flags and garments. Today’s monarchies still follow this tradition and incorporate their mark on many items. 


Modern-day monograms are a culmination of their predecessors. They are a fantastic and fun way to add customization to everyday objects. They are easy to design, and they can be worn on outfits, accessories, or can be a classy item of home décor. They also can be seen in essential business corporations as a way to convey status and boldness. 

From sweatshirts to tumblers and sports caps, monograms’ tradition has permeated into fashion and decoration as a key element of pop culture. 


Our custom monogram wood signs are one of the most versatile items of home décor. There is no better way to make a statement than with a one-of-a-kind wood monogram for a household that values tradition and cherishes their family name. 


Our personalized 3-letter or 2-letter monogram features classic fonts or modern –depending on your preference. They offer a timeless look, pleasing the eye, gliding between edgy and classic. The main point focus on a living room or a man’s cave; custom monogram wood signs also make excellent presents for newlyweds establishing as a new family.  


All of our custom wood monogram signs are made of high-quality materials and engraved using top-of-the-art techniques. If you are looking for a decorative item that conveys sobriety and elegance, search no more. Look through our catalog from our ready-to-choose options and add customization if you like. Take pride in your name, cherish your family, and choose one of our custom wood sign monograms.