Every wedding has a particular protocol; specific steps that make it unforgettable: the ceremony, of course, the couple’s first dance, the best man’s speech, among others. And along those, some items unequivocally evoke fun, joy, and amusement: the bridal bouquet, the party favors, the, and no doubt, the toasting takes a unique place.

It is impossible to utter the words: “cheers for the bride and groom” and not imagining a cascade of laughter, happiness, and good vibes. We, at Personalized by Kate, know every married couple-to-be desires their wedding to be memorable and unforgettable in the minds and hearts of their guests. Precisely why, we offer customizable wedding wine tumblers. These wine tumblers are not only made out of top-quality material but can be customized according to your preferences. You can add wording, such as a couple’s favorite phrase, initials, witty or funny phrases, dates, etc.

Tumbler, what a catchy, fun word, right? The quirky term dates all the way back to the 17th century. The word was used to describe a specific type of cup –metal made with a round bottom. Whenever these cups were set on a table, they would start “tumbling” so the person would have to start drinking fast to prevent spilling. Smart thinking, right?

Personalized wine tumblers can serve as memorable keepsakes for your guests. The great thing is they can be utilized for a variety of purposes: they can be used as votive candle holders, as creative tasting glasses for passed appetizers, to decorate your tables or the wedding bar and of course, to toast to the happy couple and wish them all the happiness in the world! We have a variety of tumblers: from the traditional crystal ones to frosted ones, and if you want to add a careless item to the celebration, opt for our plastic version.

We utilize the best technology, so our wedding wine tumblers are printed and engraved in a durable, time-withstanding manner.

Picture your wedding day; the music is vibrating, the food is delicious, your guests are having a great time. What a better way to make the moment endure than with a sip of your favorite red in a personalized tumbler with a phrase or “Mr. and Mrs.” Wording?

Are you a bridesmaid or a best man seeking for a unique, original and exciting gift to give to your friend who is getting married? Getting the loving couple a set of customized wedding wine tumblers could be a perfect choice. Not only these are thoughtful, fun, useful, and genuine; they will become the bride and groom’s favorite memento from their wedding day.

Seek through our extensive catalog, we have a variety of sizes, types, and materials to choose from. Once you’ve picked, the fun begins as you can customize them! Pick a great design, a quote, or just the date that will be kept engraved in time forever. Lift your wedding wine tumbler and toast for happiness, true love, and eternal friendship. Cheers!