New couples are often surprised by the cost of the extravagant wedding they always dreamed of. They frequently discover that the label of “wedding” often doubles the price of food, decorations, and even DJ services.

Many couples have only envisioned their weddings through Pinterest boards, wedding-related Instagram tags, and even certain fashion magazine issues without considering the effort and cost that will go into making their visions a reality.

As many couples draw inspiration from the same sources, wedding trends can form quickly and create tired clichés in the wedding world. Two obvious examples are floral crowns and mason jars. These items were once thought to represent the free-spirited nature of the couple but are now often dismissed as wedding clichés. Luckily, there are still methods of achieving one’s grand wedding dream without paying the associated price tag and while preserving some sense of originality.

Personalized by Kate provides unique wedding signs that fit perfectly with garden and outdoor weddings. The wooden structure of the signs pair with the surrounding greenery, while the clear acrylic frame allows it to blend in seamlessly with the environment. These signs may be especially optimal for a beach wedding, where the couple’s message could appear to be written on the crest of distant waves.

Personalized by Kate offers many premade signs to customers, which include a wide range of unique messages. Some signs, such as “favors,” “open bar,” “gifts and cards,” and “signature drinks,” are perfect for directing guests to the correct location in larger venues. Others, such as “please sign the guest book” and “please take one,” provide more direct instructions to guests at every kind of wedding. Lastly, “let the adventures begin” illustrates how couples can use the signs to convey both their personality as a couple and overall excitement about their marriage.

Many of Personalized by Kate’s signs allow for customization. For example, future spouses can have their names written beneath a romantic “Happily Ever After,” or they can allow their names to stand alone. There is also the option of fully customizing a sign, meaning that couples can have whatever they want written on the sign. Couples can also choose the color of the text itself and the size of the sign. There are twenty-one colors available for text customization and eight different size options for the sign.

One of the main benefits of Personalized by Kate’s signs is the range of price points that are available to couples of different economic statuses. Prices generally begin around $25 for the smaller sizes, though more frugal couples will find a couple options for half that price.

Personalized by Kate’s signs are the perfect method for conveying the personality and voice of the marrying couple. It is important that new couples who are finding the cost of their envisioned weddings to be intimidating know that they can find inexpensive alternatives that will suit their desires.

With their simple clear acrylic frames, elegant text, and classic wooden structures, Personalized by Kate’s signs are unlikely to go out of style. Purchase your personalized wedding sign today, and ensure that you achieve the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.