Even though the electronic era is upon us, Notebooks are not going anywhere! We can see them at schools, at the office, gatherings of all sorts, restaurants, airports, etc. We all need that special pad that holds our thoughts, ideas, appointments, to-do lists, etc. A notebook can be your agenda, planner, or where you organize every task that you need to accomplish in your busy life. And if anything needs planning and lots of thoughts is your wedding! That’s why, if you are happily engaged, a personalized wedding notebook must be your first purchase!

Yes, most of us rely on your phones to make notes and keep track of our calendar, but aside from the practicality of our wedding notebooks, this can turn into a beautiful souvenir to remind you of the process and how much fun you had. You can also save it for a sister or a friend, who requires information regarding venues, caterers, etc. A well-filled wedding notebook is a real treasure!

At Personalized by Kate, we proudly add flair and style to your everyday items. That’s why we carry a fantastic variety of personalized wedding notebooks. The options are so broad that we are sure you can find the perfect notebook for you and customize it just like you want.

Starting with size: you may want to prefer a pocket-sized pad that fits everywhere, and that is easy to carry around. If you are a more detailed person and need extra space to express your line of thinking, you may want to choose a bigger pad. Regarding styling, again it depends on your preference: if you lean toward classic, you will like a solid color, leather, stitched pad. If you are all about practicality, then we suggest you get a spiral notebook. If paper waste is something that concerns you, we also have eco-friendly notebooks made out of recycled paper.

Our notebooks are 100% customizable; you can add your initials, some wording related to the wedding, the big day’s date, etc.

Go through our extensive catalog and seek for the perfect wedding notebook for you. Visualize yourself writing the arrangements for your honeymoon, and the list of guests! Our wedding notebooks come with a phone directory, which will make keeping track of your caterers much easier.

Since every bride is different, we carry different styles and colors: bold designs for the modern bride-to-be and classic, elegant motifs for the romantic one. Wedding notebooks are also excellent presents that you can give at Engagement Parties. Is your sister, daughter or best friend getting married? You will brighten up her face when you get her one of our fantastic customized wedding notebooks.

Seek through our extensive catalog, and let the happy planning begin!