Wondering what to give that couple soon-to-be-married? Seeking for the unique, the original, the thoughtful?

Are you tired of searching for party favors for your wedding reception?

Then you’ve come to the right place. At Personalized by Kate, we carry many options; and among these, -since we are coffee lovers- a personalized coffee mug ranks high on our list.

Different types of coffee mugs fit different needs. While it may seem that coffee mugs are all alike, there actually are different types of coffee mugs, some specialized for specific types of coffee and others designed to fit your personal coffee drinking preferences.

Yes, the basics of a coffee mug are virtually the same for all the different styles. What do you look on a coffee mug? Something that keeps the coffee warm without burning your hands; it needs to hold a fair amount of liquid, and it has to be beautiful. If you’re looking for different types of coffee mugs, you can find a large variety that are porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel (think go-cups), plastic and glass. There are also many that are ceramic, which is a great all-around choice. Here are some advantages of each type:

  • Ceramic. These are incredibly durable, hard to break and fashionable.
  • Stainless steel. An excellent choice for the drinker always “on-the-go.”They have spill-free lids and optional handles to make them easy to transport.
  • Plastic cups. Ideal for seniors!

Size also differs, depending on the type of coffee you are drinking. You don’t want to use a 16 oz. Coffee mug for espresso, unless you plan to stay awake for a week. If you’re looking at different types of coffee mugs, you can never go wrong with ceramic. The many kinds of coffee mugs come in an endless variety of styles and sizes too, anywhere from 12 to 20 ounces. Our advice, always go bigger and save a few steps to the coffeemaker.

Once you have selected your preferred size and style, the fun part begins! Customization. We have an extensive list of options for you to personalize this fantastic item. You may add a photo of the beautiful couple, inspirational wording, song verses, a joke or a thank you message for your attendants. If you have a more formal, classic approach, a set of initials or both of your names in beautiful typography will suffice.

Nothing like gifting your family and friends with a party favor that is both functional and beautiful. Make your wedding coffee mugs the party favors everyone will use and cherish for many years to come!