A coaster, drink coaster, beverage coaster, or beermat is an item used to rest drinks upon. Coasters protect the surface of a table or any other surface where the user might place a glass. Coasters set on top of a beverage can also be used to show that a drink is not finished or to prevent contamination.

Did you know coasters were initially called Tabletop drink stand? Pretty long right? Originally named “round tray for a decanter,” so called from a resemblance to a sled, or because it “coasted” around the perimeter of the table to each guest in turn after dinner. One thing led to another, and before you know it, we all call coasters these incredibly useful items. Especially if you have wedding glasses to match.

At Personalized by Kate we carry an incredible assortment of coasters, available in different sizes, materials, and styles. Like every other item, our coasters are 100% customizable; they can be engraved with a single block initial, a name or message. Yet, one of our most popular options is wedding coasters, which are the ultimate party favor on that unforgettable day.

Wedding Coasters do so much more than merely protecting your surfaces, by adding a photo, a date, a set of initials or an inspirational phrase, they turn into a lovely piece of home décor or a great, original gift. Make your guests remember your special day forever by gifting them beautifully engraved wedding coasters.

Wedding coasters also represent a perfect way to thank your guests for their attendance. You may simply add the words “Thank you for coming,” or you may add a longer message. You may even personalize your coasters with a witty/funny phrase. These surely will be conversations openers at your reception.

Our coasters are made from different materials, from slate, wood, paper, leather, etc. you can choose whichever you prefer, per your taste and requirements. All of our coasters have a non-slip cork backing which makes them even more useful. If you are looking for personalized glasses to match the coaster we have them as well.

If you are wondering what to give to a soon-to-be-married couple, be that original, thoughtful friend who gifts them with a set of wedding coasters; a gift they will treasure at home for many years to come.

Search through our extensive catalog, have your favorite picture ready and let your creativity flow. With our photo coasters, you will drink to make each moment count!