When we think of a wedding glass, we imagine a traditional, long stem wedding champagne glasses.  Champagne glasses evoke elegance, class, luxury, and happiness; all qualities that must be present at your wedding. At Personalized by Kate, we are experts in turning an everyday item into an unforgettable present; among our favorites are wedding champagne glasses. We carry different sizes and styles, and we offer an ample range of customization, of course depending on what kind of glass you choose. You may engrave, etch a monogram or an image if you prefer.

If you like to think outside the box, as we do, we can also color your glassware. If the couple has reached 50 years together, golden, personalized glassware surely would be the ideal way to go.

Aside to adding functionality to your event, a set of wedding champagne glasses will become your favorite memento from that particular day. At Personalized by Kate, we are deeply committed to eco-friendly practices, and hence we recommend giving something meaningful that can be reused as many times as the happy couple decides!

Picture your wedding day; your entire family and friends are reunited, incredibly happy for you. It is time to make a toast. You raise your glass and look into the eyes of the person you have chosen to be your partner for life. Nothing can top that image, right? A customized champagne glass will enhance the romance of the moment and make that toast indelible in your minds and hearts!

Champagne glasses are no ordinary glasses since champagne is not a regular liquor. Even in the movies, champagne is reserved for the ultimate celebration: a new business contract, a won prize, the greatest of news and of course, weddings. If someone raises a glass with champagne you know this moment lies on the high levels of happiness, satisfaction, and joy. But no joy can be complete without the appropriate glass. At Personalized by Kate we carry the most famous champagne glasses:

  • Flute. Emblematic and iconic, the shape of this glass has unique advantages such as preventing spills due to the formation of foam upon pouring. The long, tall stem not only makes it easier to hold but prevents the champagne from getting warm when holding.
  • Coupe. This traditional, classic design gives the drinking experience a more refined touch. Beautifully crafted it suits perfectly those who like to drink in smaller quantities. Easy to hold, due to its long stem and broad base, it prevents smudges and keeps the flavor intact.

Whichever your preferences may be, we have the perfect wedding champagne glasses for you. Add personalization to increase its sentimental value, and you will find a gift to remember for a moment to never forget!