Wedding Cake Toppers

Was your wedding postponed to 2021? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Look at the Brightside and think of all the time you will have to plan things with no rush whatsoever. You can analyze every decision and enjoy the process calmly. Either way, you might want to have an insight into 2021 wedding trends and how they might resonate with your cake. If your wedding day is planned for the year 2021, you might be wondering what the most popular wedding cake trends might be in 2021 or what trends might suit best for your wedding.

Cakes have a particular spot at a wedding. It is one of the main pieces of decoration, and the desert you serve during the reception. There’s also two rituals that involve the cake:
• The first one involves the groom and bride cutting the first slice of cake together –as in using their hands together. This symbolizes them starting a new journey together as one.
• The second is to have one slice of cake saved in their fridge for a year. When they reach their first anniversary, they can take it out and eat it together. This is to ensure a happily ever after future for them.

Of course, there’s always the latest trends in terms of wedding and wedding cake planning, or you could go for a traditional, classic look. Not sure what some of the newer trends are for 2021, though? Let us save you the suspense: the flowery thematic is in vogue.
Why not have your cake displayed under a beautiful hanging display or below a gorgeous arch floristry display? How about perched amongst an overflowing floral surrounding. Your wedding cake can tie everything together on your display, incorporating your color scheme and flower preferences. Make your cake the centerpiece. Make it stand out.
When thinking about your wedding cake’s floral aspect, a mix of dried foliage and hand-crafted sugar flowers make for a delicate and unusual yet eye-catching spectacular display on the top of your wedding cake.

Bold is a preferably in trend for 2021, so feel free to play with that with your wedding cake. Don’t be afraid to use a bold color if you think it suits your palette. A bold color can work well as both an accent or the whole background color, so be sure to play with your options. Whether that’s a bold color or a bold texture, gone of the days of your standard clean white wedding cake.

Whatever your tastes or preferences, make sure to crown your wedding cake with one of our beautiful, stylish wedding cake toppers. The great thing about them is that you can personalize them to fit the cake, and the style you are looking from. Choose from elegant, to artistic or classic. Make that photo by the cake even more memorable with a gorgeous wedding cake topper!