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Utilized initially for sign making, sign decals have become a popular trend in home adornment, and the most sought-after interior decorators include them in their portfolios now. Wall decals are also extremely popular among rental properties because it allows the renters to add creativity without damaging the walls –which is a perk for anyone anyways! Even better, some wall decals can be attached to their original sheets and be reused in a new location…amazing!

A wall decal is basically a sticker, also called wall tattoo or wall vinyl which is attached to a smooth surface –such as a wall- mainly for decoration purposes, although offices, restaurants and other business use it for informational motives. Decals range from simple, basic border walls to the most creative, complex arrays and murals. You can cover an entire wall utilizing wall decals! They may feature pictures, words or an inspiring or funky design. They also come in a variety of shapes and forms.  Most wall decals are ordered in a single, solid color, but the options we offer at Personalized by Kate, are extensive: you can prefer a mix of colors or even a glittery, metallic finish.

You may agree with us that “Do-it-Yourself” is in fashion, and that includes home decoration. Not only is it less expensive, but it is faster and more practical. Not to mention that you will be able to personalize your home precisely the way to want it. There are many sites online to get inspiration from.

Wall decals add the perfect, elegant detail to a living room or a library. They are increasingly popular among teenagers and young children. Imagine how much fun it is to be able to pick a shape or a phrase to decorate your room with! Wall decals are also an excellent present for baby showers or welcome-baby parties. Your husband or father will be pleasantly surprised when he receives his super cool stamp for his man-cave or home-bar.

If you own a business, there is no need anymore to commit to a rigid type of sign or decoration. You may have a wall that can be changed and decorated with the company’s information such as results or goals and switch it every month or quarter. Adding an exciting phrase to a coffee room is possible and easy with one of our Wall Decals.

The great thing about wall decals is that there is no limit on what to choose or how much; you may prefer a subtle little detail or an entire wall covered with the cutest and impressive designs.

From the most straightforward, one-line or one-color, stickers to the most intricate, creative designs, wall decals are a nice touch that adds flair to every space.