Valentine’s Day Crafts and Gift Ideas

Such is the excitement of Valentine’s Day. You prepare, sometimes months in advance, to seize this opportunity and declare your love for that special someone in your life. You go over every single detail:

  • What time of the day will be best for this declaration?
  • What should I wear to look my best?
  • Which place should I pick for this occasion?
  • Should I take my friends along, or make it a private moment?
  • Should I plan something grand, or should I stick to simplicity?

And then it finally occurs to you… the gift! Oh, Dear God! You forgot to think about the perfect gift.

Chocolates? Flowers? A Teddy bear? But isn’t that what everyone gifts their valentine?

Then how can you stand out? How can you make your gift special and beyond memorable?

We’ll tell you how.

We understand that your special someone needs a gift that is just as precious as them. A gift that will be etched in their memories for a lifetime. A gift that will convey your feelings without you uttering a single word.

We proudly present to you…*Drum roll*

The best Valentine’s Day crafts and gift ideas for your special someone that will make them go gaga.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Nothing says I Love You better than a handcrafted gift. It shows just how much that special someone means to you. You went the extra mile to create the gift yourself. You put in the hard work and time that was needed to create something so unique and personal.

If you are someone who absolutely abhors glitzy arts-and-craft materials like glitters, paints, gel pens, stickers, and whatnot, we feel you. We know that you still got your hands dirty just because your sweetheart loves everything that shines. And while you cannot fetch the stars for her, you can at least give her a gift that shines just as bright.

So, below is our list of some of the best Valentine’s Day crafts ideas that are sure to delight your loved one.

Flower Petal Soaps

These cute and classy flower petal soaps spark romance. They act as a daily reminder of your undying love for your darling. So, here is what you need to create this elegant Valentine’s Day craft.


  • Melt-and-pour clear soup
  • Flower petals
  • Soap molds
  • Essential oils (lavender, rose, or jasmine)
  • Pink food coloring
  • Retractable knife


Take your bar of clear soup and cut it into small pieces. Put these pieces in a microwave-safe bowl and melt the soap at a high temperature for about 30-45 seconds. You can even do this on a normal flame stove as it will make it easier for you to stir the mixture while the soap melts inside the pan.

Now add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil (select floral-scented essential oils instead of fruity ones). Add approximately 1 teaspoon of pink food coloring. Mix it well with the completely melted clear soap.

Place the soap mold on a glass plate just in case the mixture pours over. Add flower petals to the mold and push them deep down to the base. It’s okay if the petals overlap one another.

Now pour the soap mixture into the mold. You can add more petals as you pour the mixture to create well-balanced layers. Pour all the mixture into the mold and leave it aside to set. It takes around 6 hours for the soap to take the shape of the mold. But just in case, leave it for a day so that the soap sets properly.

If you used a rubber soap mold, then it should be fairly easy to remove the soap from the mold. However, if you used a plastic or steel mold, gently use the knife at the edges of the mold to cut the soap out of it. You can give the soap a smooth finishing by dipping your index finger in a bowl of water and gently rubbing it on the uneven edges of the soap. Once the soap is dry, you can tie a ribbon around it or place it in a small gift box to make it presentable.

Lo and behold, your elegant flower petal, scented soap is ready to be gifted to your lover. Men and women all love a scented soap that looks just as good as it smells.

Heart Bath Bombs

Bath bombs add magic to your routine baths. The sweet fragrance of essential oils and the fizzy bubbles that spread across the bathtub is just like heaven on earth. So here is what you need to make these cute little heart-shaped bath bombs:


  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Almond oil
  • Epsom salt
  • Cornstarch
  • Powdered color pigments (the pink color is preferable)
  • Essential oils
  • Heart-shaped bath bomb mold


Take a medium-size mixing bowl. Add 1 cup of baking soda to it. Add half a cup of Epsom salt, half cup cornstarch, and 1 tablespoon of powdered color pigment to the baking soda. Whisk all these four dry ingredients together until the mixture is an even color.

Take another small bowl. Add half a cup of citric acid to it. Now add two and a half tablespoons of almond oil or melted coconut oil to the bowl. Add one tablespoon of water and 12 to 15 drops of essential oil. You can pick any scent that you like for essential oil, but we recommend using rose-scented essential oil for your heart bath bombs to align with the Valentine’s Day theme. Mix all these oil ingredients well.

Now gently pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture. Add it drop by drop and keep mixing as you pour out the entire contents of the bowl. Once again, whisk everything until it turns into a paste.

Take your heart-shaped bath bomb molds and scoop up the paste in them. Once all the molds are filled, let them sit for a minute before you close the other half of the mold. Press the two halves firmly to create a 3D heart. Now, gently pull apart the two halves and let your heart bath bomb set overnight.

It takes 24 hours for the bath bombs to set completely. You can wrap these heart-shaped bath bombs in a gift bag or place them in a gift box. You can even add rose petals on top of the heart bath bomb to complement its rose scent.

Your sweetheart can store these cute heart bath bombs for up to 6 months as long as they are stored away from moisture and direct sunlight.

So, gift your love these cute little heart bath bombs and let them enjoy a mini spa day in the comfort of their own private bathroom.

Scented Candles with Engraved Initials

Ah! The dim light of scented candles is just the perfect way to create a romantic ambiance. The flickering flame of the candle, the scent of fresh roses, and the burning fire of passion are a true depiction of a romantic Valentine’s Day. So, let us take a look at what you need to make a scented candle with engraved initials as your Valentine’s Day crafts ideas.


  • Containers (heat-proof jars or glasses)
  • Pre-waxed wicks
  • Soy wax flaxes
  • Hot glue or white glue
  • A pan or pot for melting the wax
  • Another large boiling pot to be used as a double boiler
  • A ladle for mixing
  • A beaker or weighing scale
  • Candy thermometer
  • Paper towels
  • Masking tape
  • Essential Oils (preferably floral-scented)
  • A dropper for essential oils

Materials for decorating/ engraving:

  • Glass paints
  • Lead paints
  • Tape
  • Motifs


Take a saucepan and put it on a weighing scale. Add soy wax flaxes to the saucepan and keep an eye on the scale. You will need to measure the soy wax flakes because, for every 1 ounce of fluid, we need 1 ounce of soy way.

Take the large saucepan that you will use as a boiler and fill it half with water. Place it on the stove and let the water boil.

Now place the pan in which you have weighed out the soy wax flaxes and place it in the center of the boiling pot. Let the wax to melt. Melting wax like this will protect it from getting burned. As the wax melts, keep stirring to avoid lump formation. It can take a few minutes before the wax melts completely, so be patient and do not increase the flame.

A properly melted wax looks like olive oil and has a temperature of about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the temperature come down to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check it using a candy thermometer.

While you are waiting for the candle wax to cool down, you can prepare the container that you’re going to pour your candle wax in. Take a clean, dry, heat-proof glass container, and place the candle wick in it. It is advisable that the candle wick is at least an inch and a half longer than the entire height of the container. Put glue on the bottom of the wick that is made of metal. Insert the wick inside the container and press it at the bottom. Ensure that the wick is right in the middle of the container.

To hold the wick in place, you can take a piece of masking tape and place it at the opening of the container in such a way that it becomes the diameter of the container. Both the edges of the tape should be stuck to the rim of the container. Now, you can pass the wick through the tape by creating a hold in the tape, and as mentioned before, stick the metal bottom of the wick to the container’s base using a strong glue.

This technique will especially come in handy as you pour the melted candle wax into the container.

Now, it is time to add fragrance to your candle wax. After all, it is a scented candle. To do this, simply take a dropper, soak up the essential oil and pour 5-10 drops of essential oil in your slightly cool candle wax. Stir the mixture to make sure that the scent is evenly mixed.

Even if your candle wax smells too strong right now, do not worry, because once the wax gets dry, the scent will become weaker.

Once your candle wax has cooled further and reached a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you can carefully pour the melted candle wax into the glass container. To do this without dripping the candle wax out of the container, we recommend that you use a saucepan that has a pour spout. This will allow you to smoothly pour the mixture into the glass container.

As you are pouring the mixture, hold the wick in place. It should still be in the middle of the container. Do not let it succumb to the pressure from the thick mixture.

You should also be mindful that quickly pouring the mixture into the container will create air bubbles. Sometimes air bubbles are good for a natural effect, but we recommend that you minimize the creation of air bubbles because it could give the surface of your candle an unfinished and uneven look.

Now, leave your candle aside and let it set at room temperature. It could take up to 24 hours for the candle to set completely.

The next day, you can remove the tape from the rim of your container. Through your glass container, you will clearly be able to see your candle from the top to its bottom. Hopefully, the wick is still right in the middle of the container.

It is now time to get creative.

You can write your initials and a lovely message on the glass container of your scented candle using glass paints and lead paints.

You can use a motif to stamp a beautiful design along with the text. E.g., you can use floral motifs to paint flowers or motifs of a beautiful mandala art to create a centrally placed design on your candle.

You can even tie a cute ribbon on the neck of the container, especially if it is a Mason jar, and hang a gift tag along with it.


  • You can add color to the wax as you are melting and mixing it.
  • You can take a normal scented stick candle from the market and carve it to write the initials of your and your sweetheart’s name.
  • You can add glitter or flower petals to the candle. This should be done the same way that you later added essential oils to the melted candle mixture.

And just like this, your scented candle is ready to be presented to your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Through this candle, you can be the one who illuminates his/her life.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day gifts that can be personalized or customized are just as special. They have the ability to rekindle the fire of love. They are ideal if you’re looking to ignite the flame of pure passion.

Luckily, now, gifting your loved one a personalized Valentine’s Day gift is as easy as 123. Here, at, we have a huge variety of unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts that can be personalized with your couple’s photographs and custom text (names, dates, messages, love notes, wishes).

So, whether it is your crush that you want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with, your long-term partner, or your spouse, our range of personalized Valentine’s Day gifts are ideal for all.

Here are some of our best Valentine’s Day Gifts that you can easily personalize and gift to your dear ones:

Be Mine in Heart Puzzle– Only for $22.99

Infinity Heart Puzzle– Only for $22.99

Happy Valentine’s Day Puzzle– Only for $22.99

Love with Names and Dates Coffee Mug– Only for $19.99 (Available in 6 different colors)

Every Love Story is Beautiful wit Names and Dates Coffee Mug– Only for $19.99 (Available in 6 different colors

Apart from the ones mentioned above, at, we also offer a range of other customized gifts like tote bags, scented candles, passport covers, wallets, beer mugs, and even kitchen utensils. We understand that sometimes, all your loved one needs is a gift that is practical yet meaningful.

So, don’t shy away from showing the extent of your love this Valentine’s Day. Try out these amazing Valentine’s Day crafts and gift ideas, and let love shine through. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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