Top Engagement Gifts

Engagements are such a fun time in a couples life and also such a whirlwind. The phone calls and texts will start coming, recommendations will be suggested, planning will ensue and the gifts will start rolling in (whether there is an engagement party or not).
The point of an engagement gift is to show what you know about the couple and also to convey your happiness for them. A great engagement gift will truly touch them and leave a great sense of love in their hearts.
We’ve put together a few items that would be a home run in the gift department.
The first option is always a favorite. You can’t go wrong with personalized champagne flutes. Champagne is always on hand when celebrating and this is a gift that will be used many times throughout the couples lifetime. When I think about these, I envision when the couple will use them. The purchase of a new home? A promotion? A new baby? The possibilities are endless. At the very least, every year on their anniversary they can use them. Whether they go out for a romantic dinner or stay in with take out, a glass of champagne is always on the menu. Marriage is not always easy and celebrating it is very crucial.
Another cute idea is personalized coasters. We all hate water rings on our coffee tables, so coasters are a very practical gift.  These coasters are perfect to display in a new apartment or home! And I love the initial style. They’re made of leather which is great because they are really durable. They are so pretty that they almost double as decor. If you’re not a fan of the leather, there is a great additional option here.
A staple of any home are photographs showcasing wonderful memories during a couples time together. To do that, beautiful picture frames are a must-have. I truly love the look of this personalized wooden frame. It would be perfect for a wedding photo or from the couples honeymoon. This frame is great because it can be replaced with any photo of the couple for many years to come.
The last item I want to mention is this personalized cutting board. This is another practical gift because everyone needs cutting boards. This is the perfect gift for a couple who loves to cook together. It’s super cute and and looks great displayed on the kitchen counter with a few cookbooks. I also love that its personalized with the couples names but also still very simple looking. If you know the couple that loves to cook, this is the gift for them.
If these sound like great ideas or if you have something else in mind, please let us know and we can help make your gift idea come to life!