Teacher Coffee Mugs

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Why do teachers matter? This may sound like the simplest of questions; however, it has many answers. Teachers are a crucial piece for the success of every community around the world; they contribute to the most important aspects of societies, and their influence permeates through all of our lives.  Teachers matter simply because they have the most essential job in the world: to educate, and form future generations. They also help underachieves to conquer their goals, they listen, coach and mentor, they simplify whatever may seem complicated and they teach life skills. By transferring knowledge, and giving advice; they indeed leave in each student a piece of their heart.

Teachers are celebrated throughout the year: in their birthdays, Christmas; if they are a parent on Mother’s Day, etc. But there is one specific holiday specially designed to celebrate and cherish them: National Appreciation Week.

National Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated annually in May. It began in 1953 when Eleanor Roosevelt convinced members of Congress to set aside an official date to honor and recognize educators. In 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association designated the entire first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week.

You may be wondering, what to give to your teacher, that special someone who has inspired you and encouraged you in ways no one else has. Well, according to surveys teachers love to receive: letters from their students, thank you notes from the parents, and all sorts of classroom supplies. But the thing the like and appreciate the most is a personalized gift.

At Personalized by Kate, we specialize in thoughtful, beautiful and functional items that bright anyone’s day. Among our favorite and popular options are personalized coffee mugs. Everyone loves teacher coffee mugs, and everyone needs coffee mugs; especially teachers!

There is no better way to begin a day of teaching, and mentoring than with a warm mug filled with a delicious cappuccino. And as rewarding as education is, every teacher needs that extra dose of energy provided by caffeine to carry on each day!

At Personalized by Kate, we carry an extensive list of teach coffee mugs options for you to choose from; depending on your teacher’s taste of preferences you may pick a specific size, color or material. Once you have figure out which mug you wish to get for him/her, the next step is the most fun: customization.

By customizing the teacher coffee mug, you are not only adding a more personal touch; you are tacitly saying to your teacher how much effort you put into their present, and how much she/he means to you. The customization can be something funny, like a joke; something inspiring like a great quote or even his/her initials engraved on it.

Celebrate your teacher with one of our lovely, teacher coffee mugs, and you will make his/her day even better!