Spread Pure Joy With These 11 Cheerful Sunflower Gift Ideas

When it comes to putting a smile on someone’s face, few flowers can get the job done quite as well as sunflowers. Arguably one of the most naturally-beautiful flowers found on the planet, these gorgeous plants convey an unmistakable vibration of happiness through their bright yellow colors. Not only do sunflowers literally track the sun across the sky when they are in the bud stage, but they actually resemble the sun itself when in full bloom. The undeniable LIFE of these flowers is enough to give an observer pause. And when you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves sunflowers, you have an entire world open to you.

Rich With Meaning and Symbolism

At their core, sunflowers are closely associated with cheerfulness – an emotion that one could easily argue is in short supply these days. But their rich symbolism goes far deeper than “mere” happiness. Throughout history, people have connected these unique flowers with traits such as longevity and personal loyalty. It’s not difficult to see why it absorbed these concepts; what’s more stable than the sun? Our solar system’s foundational star will far outlast anyone living today – it is as close to immortal as anything in our environment ever could be. When you have a flower that is both dependent on the sun and a miraculous seeming replication of it, it’s only natural that we regard it as a testimony to the wonders of the universe.

Loyalty and Devotion
You would be hard-pressed to find another flower with the phototropic properties of the sunflower. Phototropic means the flower turns toward the sun and stretches out to it in real time. A sunflower can be facing east in the morning only to turn in the complete opposite direction by nightfall. It does this so it can always face the warming, energizing light of the sun, which is of course the power it uses to reach its full potential. This can easily be related to the human concept of reverence and devotion toward a higher power, and it has been used throughout religious symbolism for just that reason.

Hope and Optimism
It’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of cynicism when every day is a struggle to pay the bills, keep your family together, and keep up with the neverending stream of bad news coming from the media. It can get exhausting, and the “rat race” is often responsible for stealing the simple joy out of a person’s life. A sunflower isn’t going to be enough to turn that ship around, but they have been used throughout history to symbolize optimism and hope. If you know someone who could use a little of either, a sunflower gift could be well received.

Long Life
It is often said that what makes life precious is its very brevity. It also means that we place a lot of importance on longevity, and most medical science is devoted to finding ways to expand the human lifespan beyond its current limitations. Going back to the dawn of recorded time, humans have been intrigued by life forms that persist beyond traditional barriers to survival. The sunflower is a great example: Due to its elaborate root system, they are extraordinarily capable of withstanding drought. Their survival in the face of adversity makes them the perfect natural symbol of longevity.

Great Gifts For All Occasions

The good news about sunflower-related gifts is that you don’t have to wait for a specific occasion. Whether you are shopping for someone’s birthday, an anniversary, a housewarming, or Christmas, a good sunflower gift will not go astray. If you have someone on your shopping list who loves sunflowers, you may already know that you want your gift to reflect that fact. But what? What gifts would simultaneously go over well from a theme perspective and also prove useful? Well, worry no more: We’ve assembled some of the best sunflower gift ideas around and collected them right here! Dive in, and find something bright, colorful, and cheery for that friend or family member. They’re sure to love one of these suggestions.

11 – Sunflower Seeds
What makes for a better gift than a delicious snack? Sunflower seeds have long been associated with baseball players, but this nutritious and healthy snack is beloved outside the ballpark as well. If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift that tips its hat at the sunflower without going overboard with the symbolism, this is a pretty perfect present. It’s also an excellent gift for teens, ball players, and anyone else who likes to munch on these tasty seeds when going about their daily business. If you don’t like the pre-packed, salted seeds, you can give raw seeds or bake the seeds yourself in the oven!

10 – Decorative Wall Signs
When it comes to decorative wall signs, you can choose from just about any style, color, font, or phrase that you can imagine. Indeed, there are great online shops that let you customize your sign to your own preferences. When it comes to sunflower wall art, though, you probably won’t even need to do that. Because of the natural “happy” factor of these flowers, there is no shortage of products that use sunflowers as the basis for their decoration. If you know someone moving into a new house (or someone who hasn’t gotten around to decorating their walls), a sunflower wall sign could be a beautiful and meaningful gift.

9 – Sunflower Candle
Scented candles are among the top gifts every year – there’s a reason there are entire brick-and-mortar stores devoted to these products. With a sunflower candle, you can give someone the gift of a wonderful scent without forcing them to care for an actual plant (or watch the plucked flower die after a week or so). Some enjoy fresh flowers; others just like the scent of them. Every sunflower candle will smell a bit different, but most of them impart a floral scent with a touch of honey. Some put more emphasis on the “grassy” mid-scent than others; use your own discretion when shopping.

8 – Sunflower Cornhole Board
Cornhole is one of those games that only seems to grow more popular with each passing year. It’s not hard to understand; it’s one of the few games that you can pick up and play within only a few seconds of being told the rules. Its boards and paraphernalia easily travel, making it a great game for families in the backyard, a trip to the beach, or a way to pass the time while tailgating your favorite football team. This sunflower cornhole board takes everything great about this American game and infuses it with the brightness and fun of the sunflower. What more could a cornhole fanatic ask for?

7 – Beach Towels
Sunflowers and the beach go together like shampoo and conditioner. Seriously, what better decoration could you find for a beach towel? We’ve even seen some terrific black beach towels – a dismal idea that would normally make you look quite out of place on a crowded beach. But when you add in the stark yellow flowers, the black is transformed from a “dark” color into the background for true beauty. If you know someone who likes nothing better than to spend a lazy day lounging by the sea, they’ll cherish a sunflower-themed beach towel.

6 – Mugs and Cups
Travel mugs and cups are the kinds of gifts you can give to almost anyone and get a whole lot of appreciation in return. Plastic tumblers – the kind of cups that Tervis sells, to name one example – are thick and durable, and their properties let them keep cold drinks cold for much longer than traditional plastic cups. Then there are the numerous travel mugs out there, any one of which is perfect for the person who takes their coffee on the go. Find a great mug or cup with sunflowers painted on the outside, and you’ll have a gift that not only serves a useful purpose but also has the power to brighten a dreary day.

5 – A Bright Sunflower Dress
You don’t have to be a sunflower enthusiast to see the beauty in a stunning sunflower dress. This is a great garment for any woman who likes her wardrobe to reflect her cheery personality. It seems to us that we could use more people like that in the world, so we always champion gifts that speak to an optimistic, friendly heart. If you have the kind of friend who always has a smile on her face, trust us and get her one of these sunflower dresses. It might just turn out to be her favorite piece of clothing!

4 – Artificial Sunflower in Glass
Here’s a gift that is as romantic as it is intriguing. Not everyone is cut out to care for a living plant, but with this artificial sunflower, the only skill you’ll need is the ability to flip a switch. That’s because these faux flowers come wrapped in tiny LED lights that sparkle and shine underneath the decorative glass dome. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves sunflowers, anyone who enjoys cheerful decorative items, and anyone who likes to fill their home with unique conversation pieces. Great buy!

3 – Backpacks
Do you know a tween girl who’s getting ready to head back to school? A gardening enthusiast who is going back to college to learn more about her passion? Where education is involved, backpacks quickly follow, and we can’t think of many better ways to decorate a backpack than with the golden rays of the sunflower. And because sunflowers are such a universally-loved symbol, a backpack featuring this image would work just as well in kindergarten as it would in law school. Of course, backpacks aren’t just for students, so if you have a dedicated hiker on your shopping list, they might love one of these as well.

2 – Pajama Pants
When it comes to comfortable attire, nothing beats a great pair of pajama pants. What do you think the Personalized By Kate bloggers wear to bring you these gems? Younger women are usually the best recipients when you want to give the gift of pajama pants, but they are suitable for anyone of any age and any gender. And when they come decorated with sunflowers, they’ll serve as a constant reminder that it costs nothing to brighten someone else’s day.

1 – A Sunflower Bouquet
How else could we conclude a piece about sunflower gift ideas? No matter what products you find with images of sunflowers, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Most local and national florists have sunflower bouquets for sale, and some of the larger ones have related gifts like sunflower cookies and wreaths. Whether you deliver one of these bouquets in person or have it delivered, you’ll spread cheer and love to someone you care about!

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