Photo Wood Signs

It is time to do something beautiful with your favorite photos and turn them into an artwork to enjoy in your home for years to come. For an idea that will stand the test of time and will make your memories intact forever, choose one of our photo wood signs. Where your pictures are printed directly onto top-quality wood and framed! There are many sizes to fit every single space in your home. Whether you want to create a beautiful trail through the staircase or have a large piece of decoration in your living room –we accommodate your preferences.
The process is quite simple!

· Access our site.
· Choose the image from the computer you want. (make sure the photo has a high resolution for best results)
· Choose your sign size and frame color, and then place the order!
The face of the wood is a maple surface that allows for beautiful grains and printing. Each gorgeous print will have a unique grain, a smooth finish, and incredibly detailed printing. We’re 100% confident that you will not be disappointed in your wood photo print’s beauty.

If you are not familiar with these gorgeous decorative items, you may be wondering if wooden photo prints are the same as wooden signs?
Custom wooden prints are specifically designed for indoor decor purposes and not outdoor use. These custom wood prints come in a wide variety of square and rectangular shapes but cannot be cut to shape. In most cases, the unique grain of the wood will be visible on your wooden print.

Alternatively, wooden signs can be cut to relatively any shape and are offered with drilled holes for hanging. These wooden signs are primarily used for outdoor use, such as construction sites, farms, outdoor business signs, etc. The grain of the wood is not visible due to the polymer overlay.

After your image is printed onto the wood, a clear, protective laminate is adhered to the surface to preserve your photo’s quality. This laminate is so incredibly thin that it is not noticeable without an intentional effort to examine it. It will definitely not be apparent or visible to the naked eye.

Apart from the laminate, there is no lacquered finish. The appearance of your print will definitely have a more matte appearance than a glossy one.

The edges of your wood picture are sanded to a smooth finish. The edges’ finish will show the cross-sections of the layers of the wood, adding additional interest and beauty to the finished product.

We only utilize top-of-the-art printing technologies that ensure high quality while keeping the original coloring and shading. Photo wood signs will exceed your expectations and will keep those memorable moments intact!