Who doesn’t love pets? They are the perfect companions, they are loyal, stick through thick and thin, and are the most grateful of creatures. If you have a pet, there’s no doubt you adore it; you may have a playful cat, a darling puppy, or even fish. The sight of pets illuminates our days and brings a broad smile to our faces. Is your girlfriend’s birthday approaching? Do you want to give something unique to your best friend? Your aunt? Anyone who loves animals and has one –or more- as pets? How about one of our cute pet photo pillowcases!

A personalized pillowcase makes one of the best gifts ever! A unique design or added customization can be the perfect complement for every pet-owner bed. Personalized by Kate carries a wide variety of Pet Photo Pillow Cases, which are beautiful pieces of décor and will enhance the cuteness and tenderness surrounding your little –or big- furry friend.

Pet Photo Pillowcases can also be used as an “in loving memory” item of a pet that is no longer with us; families who go through a grieving process –because there’s a considerable mourning period- may be comforted by the sight of their beloved cat, dog or the pet they lost.  For people suffering the sad loss, you can lessen their pain by gifting them something useful –because every one of us needs pillowcases!- But also thoughtful and caring.

Since pillowcases, aside from being functional, are also considered decorative items, you can even have a set printed for your own buddy! How cute would your puppy look, peacefully resting over a pillow that has his lovely mischievous face on it?

And of course, you don’t need to have a recipient in mind, you can have a set printed for you! Is your little girl in love with her kitten? One of our pet photo pillowcases will look awesome in her room, and she will adore the idea!

Aside from the functionality of them and the technicality involved in picking a durable, skin-friendly pillowcase, they are a lovely and fun decorative item. Apart from the different fabrics and colors, at Personalized by Kate, we customize and personalize pillowcases to add more flair.

We carry a wide variety of sizes, colors en fabrics for you to pick from before the real fun begins. The part where you let your creativity flow! Pick a photograph –keep in mind there’s a minimum level of resolution required for a high-quality print- and add wording, details, or anything else that will make this item even more memorable.

Have your pet honored the way it should be, as part of the family!