Today, Christmas ornaments symbolize nothing but cheer and joy, but where is the story behind them? Who started the tradition of the Christmas trees?

Funny enough, even though we call them Christmas trees, the quintessential decorative evergreens go way back the actual celebration of Christmas. The legend says ancient Egyptians used to adorn their homes with evergreen boughs during the winter solstice. The green symbolized the hope they felt during those harsh, cold months. The same tradition was followed by the Romans, the Vikings, and other cultures.

The modern version of the Christmas tree goes back to the 16th century in Germany. Green trees were adorned with candles, berries, nuts, and apples during Church plays. Over time, it was the Christians who incorporated this magnificent tradition into their homes during the holidays. In 1973 a famous brand introduced the first keepsake ornaments; hence these decorations acquired a collectible value. You’ve seen the original ornaments in the shape of yarn figures and glass bubbles. Today, ornaments come in all sizes, shapes, and colors!
People now take advantage of their trees to incorporate symbols of everything representing what matters in their lives. So, families add funny, lovely, and cool ornaments to their trees, not conforming only to what was fashionable decades ago. That includes our pets.

We adore our pets. They are part of our family! They are our companion, our protectors, and our friends. Sometimes we do things with them that, for a moment, seem to cross the line. Our pet-motivated actions are based on pure love. One of the things people wonder is how much to include their pets in their Christmas decorations and the holidays in general. Is not like “fluffy” understands who Santa is, right? So, if you want to include your pet in your Christmas family card, you should do it!

What about ornaments? Of course! Add your furry friend to your Christmas tree with a fantastic, personalized pet ornament. You can customize it with names, photos, and much more. Your precious cat or dog are official members of the family. But nothing makes it more official than including them in the tree. Honor your pets with a unique ornament, which you can customize according to his or her personality!

Show some puppy love with one of our fantastic pet Christmas ornaments. You can also customize a beautiful pet memorial ornament to commemorate those who are already gone. Personalized per Christmas ornaments make excellent, thoughtful gifts for that particular person in your life who is an animal-lover. Give her or him something memorable that shows the best of both worlds: Christmas and pets!