Who doesn’t love pets? They are the perfect companions, they are loyal, stick through thick and thin, and are the most grateful of creatures. If you have a pet, there’s no doubt you adore it; you may have a playful cat, a darling puppy, or even fish. The sight of pets illuminates our days and brings a broad smile to our faces.

Every pet deserves a place to have dinner and drink whenever they are thirsty. And there is no better way to show your love to your furry companion than by gifting him/her with one of our lovely personalized pet bowls. Here are just a few reasons why customizing your pet bowls is such a great idea:

  • If you are traveling and living your pet at one of those Doggy Daycare, you may be required not only to bring your own food and drinking bowls but ones with your pet’s name on them. This way, they do not get mixed with others.
  • The same thing applies if your pet attends obedience school.
  • No one in the house will confuse the bowls with something else! It may sound silly but children –or even husbands- may confuse the pet bowl for something else and use it for, let’s say, pour some cereal on it! Make sure everyone at home knows this is “Barky’s” own bowl by customizing it.
  • Last but not least: because it is fun! Not only your kids will enjoy having the containers customize it; you can make the whole process a fun activity. If you seek through our extensive catalog and look at the many different options, you will find the best bowl –one appropriate to your pet’s specific needs- and let the creativity fly.

Talking about different needs, we carry various sizes and materials: your pet is unique and want to make sure he/she is comfortable while eating and drinking. Among the different bowls we carry, we have:

–    Ceramic bowls. These are sturdy and slipping or sliding resistant and also, dishwasher safe. If you have young children, you may want to look at other options since these are breakable.

–   Plastic Bowls. These are light, they do not break and are easy to pick and move. However, not all of them are dishwasher safe.

–   Stainless steel. These are super long-lasting, chew resistant, and anti-corrosion. They also look modern.

–    Travel Bowls. These fun bowls are easy to clean and help your doggy/cat feed or drink when out of the house.

Our insanely cute pet bowls also make perfect gifts for that person who cannot live without her/his pet. Add some customization, and you will turn this functional object into an item to remember.

Pamper your pet the same way he/she loves you back! Get a set of our customizable pet bowls today!