We all have a friend who is a wine-lover, or a wine connoisseur. They like to accompany a nice dinner with a big glass of red; it helps them unwind, relax, and celebrate. Wine is truly a center of happiness. And who can blame them? Drinking wine brings enormous benefits to our physical health; here we list you just a few:

  • It contains antioxidants. Yes, we’ve all heard about antioxidants being champs on fighting scary diseases; but you know what they also mean: anti-aging! Yes! Drinking a glass of wine every day keeps you looking youthful and gorgeous
  • It boosts your immune system. With a multivitamin in one hand and a glass of wine on the other, nothing will bring you down.
  • It improves cognitive function. Think about it this way, it’s all about getting smarter and wiser.
  • It makes your heart better. And we mean both physically and emotionally.

How many times after a long day, a glass of excellent wine suffices to make everything better. On occasions wine is not about relaxing at all; it is about intense joy, happiness, and laughter! And to accompany those precious moments, nothing like one of our personalized wine tumblers to enhance the fun.

At Personalized by Kate we carry many options for you to choose from. We have customizable stemless wine tumblers that make the perfect gift for the genuine wine fan! Are you searching for the ideal present to give to your bridesmaids and maid of honor? They will go crazy over our wine tumblers. Add customization, and you will transform any party, camping trip or beach day into a memorable experience.

Our tumblers are heat and cold resistant, and each one of our options is BPA free. We utilize top-of-the art engraving techniques for a lifetime effect. What sort of customization should you add? Depending on the occasion or the recipient; you may want to add funky, whimsical figures or classic monograms.

Due to their resistance and easy maneuverability, tumblers are an excellent choice for elders, as the spillage risk is null. Wine tumblers are also excellent choices for an anniversary gift; surprise that beloved couple with an engraved wine tumbler that will fill their hearts and make the celebration even more memorable. Wine tumblers are also fantastic promotional items for any company; add the business’s logo or tagline, and your customers and suppliers will have you always in mind.

Seek through our extensive catalog and choose the best tumbler today!