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Did you know wine boxing ritual is the ultimate wedding trend? Sounds interesting right?


The trend began years back, and it involves the soon-to-be grooms and brides.  It merely involves splurging on a bottle of wine and locking it in a wooden box alongside letters from both the bride and the groom. Of course, you will not use just an old box, but one of our incredible, custom-designed wine boxes.  During the ceremony, the bride and groom shut the box using two padlocks. Or your parents seal it for you while you look on.


At Personalized by Kate, we simply adore traditions and rituals, even more, if they refer to celebrating eternal love. We carry an extensive list of options for you to choose from; pick your favorite wine box, customize it and begin your wedding tradition today.


Wine Boxes cannot only serve for rituals, but they are also great options for a wine ceremony, a lovely gift for newlyweds, for retirement ceremonies or anniversary parties. Wine boxes are the ideal way to store bottles of wine and spirits.


Do you have a friend who is a wine-connoisseur? Choose one of our beautiful wine boxes, add their name, initials, photo or monogram (and a yummy bottle of Pinot Noir, or their favorite one!) and give them as a present. No matter what the celebration is about, a customized wine box will be something they will enjoy and appreciate; they make lovely keepsakes.


Choose a unique message to make a thoughtful gift for saying thank you, happy birthday, enjoy your retirement or happy anniversary! You know that person deserves a great bottle of their favorite red!

The lid slides up and down and can be removed to add the bottle with ease. The box has a sturdy rope so the box can be carried with ease. This laser engraved wooden Wine Box can have the Name Box and text box under the image changed on the Front only of the Winebox. Each Wine box you design will leave a lasting impression and a customized mark on that special moment in time.


There’s no need to wrap your present when you are giving a bottle of someone’s favorite spirit. The wine box, both serves as a bottle container, and it can be used as a piece of decoration. Add a personal message, like the family name, and that person will be proudly displaying your gift for many years to come.


Our wine boxes are made with high quality, and they will protect even the most sensitive liquor inside; we know temperature and light are factors that can alter the flavor, smell, and consistency of wine. Do not risk your nice bottle and get one of our wine boxes. Add customization to it, and you will receive an incredible, unforgettable item.