Your big day is around the corner, your wedding day will finally be here! That amazing moment that will define your life forever. But before that happened, a whole process occurred. You had your engagement party, bridal showers, wedding-dress hunting trips, and so many other fun activities. And during that process –although fun sometimes challenging- there was a group of incredible women supporting you. Your own wedding entourage. Your support group most likely includes your mom, sisters, future mother in law, bridesmaids, cousins, and close friends. They have been with you every step of the way, and you’re thinking about getting something for them as a token of your appreciation, friendship, and gratitude. Well, search no more! At Personalized by Kate we carry the cutest personalized wedding totes ever! Totes are great gifts since they are useful, practical, fun and the personalization adds a unique touch and a dash of your creativity.

If you add their names, initials and a quote or phrase, you will show them, that even you’ve been very busy with arrangements, you still think of them and appreciate their help along the process.

You can also get these amazing personalized wedding totes for your out-of-town guests; they can include area maps (they may have trouble locating places in town), snacks, water bottles and all sorts of goodies such as personal care items.

Wedding Tote Bags

You may take the “party favors” to the next level by providing your wedding guests some chic, modern tote bags. You can include the wedding date, your name and your spouse’s, a phrase, joke or even a game! The great thing about our personalized wedding tote bags is that you can personalize them according to your taste and preferences; also, this is something that your guests will be able to enjoy for a lot of time. Who does not love a tote bag? For shopping, for trips to the beach, vacation or for a casual night at downtown, tote bags are the perfect companion and have enough room to carry all of your personal items.

We carry different fabrics, many colors, and templates available; everything you need to make your tote bag a unique, original creation.

Surely, your bridesmaids and family members will be thrilled to have a memento of your wedding with this level of personalization; personalized wedding tote bags are a keepsake and will let them know how much you acknowledge they’re being a key part of your wedding turning into a success. These can also be used for hotel guest bags and more.

If you like to think outside the box  -as we do- skip the ordinary party favors and thank you gifts. Seek through our extensive catalog and choose one of our tote bags, we carry different sizes, styles, and materials. Add personalization and gift your girls with an amazing wedding tote bag. Remember, it is not what we carry inside our wedding bags what matters; friendship and love are what carries us through life!