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Did you know “tote” means “to carry”?

Way back in the 17th century, people used to use the term ‘tote’, sometimes ‘tate’, meaning ‘to carry’ or ‘to bear’. However, the term tote wasn’t used to refer to a bagup until the 1900s.


A tote bag is a large carrying bag with a handle. Tote bags have been used since hundreds of uses and are now available in various shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. They have evolved from the basic canvas bag to elegant and glamorous high-end bags.

Tote bags have, literally, hundreds of uses. From grocery shopping (a real eco-friendly option!) to promotional items, to party favors, to serve as casual purses, tote bags are definitively trendy due to their comfort, easiness, price, convenience, great design and of course, its versatility.


A few ideas on how to use tote bags:


  • To store your children’s toy. If there’s anything that irks a parent is seeing a bunch of scattered toys through his/her kids’ bedroom or playroom. Tote bags are great options to store them, in a way they can do it themselves. You can also personalize them with each of their names so that everyone will know where to put where. Make them choose the typography and color and you will make it into a family activity.


  • To travel in style. Taking family trips is always fun, so commemorate such as fun endeavor and enhance the enjoyment, why not having matching, personalized tote bags for everyone! Not only, these are perfect to store clothes and items –and easy to retrieve them- they are also fashionable and cute.


  • As a promotional item for your company. Everyone loves promotional objects: pens, pads, keychains. But setting your company’s logo in one of our amazing tote bags and you will turn a promotional item into an unforgettable keepsake. Stand out of the crowd; make your next giveaway all about amazing, cool tote bags. You can also use them to add more promotional items in them. It will be a hit!


  • As a party favor. Are your close friends throwing a bridal shower for you? And you want to somehow, retribute everything they’ve done for you? Your entourage will go crazy once they see the amazing, ultramodern, hip tote bags you have for them. Of course, you will add a personal touch such as a cool phrase, their names or a sweet logo.


At Personalized by Kate, we are all about eco-friendly, classy solutions and gifts for everyday life as well as important, unforgettable milestones. We are also about meaningful gifts that do not necessarily hurt your wallet.

In your next trip, business meeting, event… take your amazing personalized tote bag with you!