They say that after your parents, a teacher is the second most important person in your life. Since the day we start school till the day we graduate, teachers are the ones who constantly guide us throughout the school years. They educate us, open our minds and become our most trusted friends. Teachers dedicate their entire life towards educating children and shaping their future and personality, yet they don’t get enough appreciation. So, celebrate little moments of joy with your teachers not just on teacher’s day but all year around. Being a teacher is a harrowing task and not everyone is up for the job. Yet our teachers invest so much in us. Their efforts and hard work should never go unappreciated.

Showing appreciation to your teachers is not about big celebrations and extravagant gifts. They teach you and guide you and are in this profession because they love see others do well. Teachers dream of changing lives and making them better. Giving them little thoughtful gifts will be one of the best appreciation for them.
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Whether its teacher’s day or just an ordinary day, you can express your affection for your teachers any time of the year and multiple times if possible. Holding a teacher’s appreciation day at school organized by all the students can be a fantastic idea. Preparing special acts for teachers, doing awards ceremony for the teachers as well as giving gifts to your most precious teachers can turn this appreciation event into a memorable day.

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Whenever you gift a teacher, they always say that you shouldn’t have gone to such great lengths. They say this just because they are selfless and they love to teach and empower students equally. But showing appreciation to them is a part of the memorable journey that you both go on together during your school years. So, don’t ever hesitate to show your affection for your teachers.
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