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If there is one sure way to elevate a party or gathering to the next level, a beautifully-rendered, personalized sign is it. By investing significantly in a customized sign, you can immediately add a dollop of class and elegance – to say nothing of unique charm – to any occasion. Before you go spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on all the amenities, make sure you have this foundational piece in place. Without it, your guests of honor won’t feel specially connected to the event in the way that they should. Not only does your personalized sign put them in the spotlight, it can serve as a wonderful keepsake reminder of their terrific day.

Now let’s be clear: A good personalized sign can liven up any party or gathering, no matter the type. So whether you’re throwing a graduation bash or a retirement party, we wholeheartedly recommend investing at least a bit of your party budget into a sign. That said, we want to focus today on six party types specifically and the best signs available for each.

Personalized Engagement Party Signs

Engagement parties aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, but they have grown in popularity over the last decade or so. Not to be confused with a bachelor/bachelorette party or even a bridal shower, an engagement party is designed specifically to celebrate a couple’s new engagement (hence the name)! Often held only a week or two after the proposal, this party is typically a rather intimate affair with a guest list limited to only the couple’s good friends and family. The bride’s parents usually take on the burden of throwing the celebration, though it’s not uncommon for the couple’s friends to do the hosting. This is a great opportunity to kick off a season of wedding planning; many brides use this occasion to name their maid of honor and bridesmaids.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at a couple of great signs that can liven up your engagement party.

She Said Yes Clear Acrylic Sign

We absolutely adore this beautiful She Said Yes Engagement Party Sign, and we can’t recommend it enough. Set against a clear acrylic background, this sign says “He asked, she said yes,” with the “YES” written in huge scrolling font across the center of the piece. This is a lovely, fun way to theme the party without stress or strain. At the bottom of the sign, the couple’s names are written out with the message ending with “…are getting married” and the date at the bottom. Available in 21 striking color options, this sign is an excellent way to introduce the soon-to-be-betrothed to the world, and it will single-handedly take the party to the next level.

The Best is Yet to Come Acrylic Sign

The overwhelming sentiment of any engagement party should be one of hope. We all know the dire statistics that lie behind marriages in America, but those odds haven’t stopped young couples from continuing to take a chance on lifelong partnerships. There is something in our DNA that cries out for that “forever” love, and getting engaged is an act of courage that says, “You know what, we’re going to defy the odds.” Celebrate that bravery with this The Best Is Yet To Come Engagement Party Sign, which imparts a message of optimism about the future. If this couple has the guts to give it a go, the least we can do is stand behind them and wish them the winds of fortune.

Personalized Bridal Shower Signs

Unlike the engagement party, the bridal shower is thrown a few months before the wedding day and is, more often than not, hosted by the maid of honor. Also unlike the engagement party, the bridal shower is an occasion for gift-giving. This puts it in very similar territory to the bachelorette party, but there are a few differences. One, while a bachelorette party is usually soaked in booze and nightlife, the bridal shower is a more distinguished affair. It’s not uncommon for these parties to be scheduled for the morning or early afternoon, and it’s become quite popular to hold them outdoors in a garden setting. Of course, bridal showers don’t necessarily have to adhere to any rigorous specifications – like the wedding itself, these parties can be as unique as the couple themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite signs that will bring personalization and beauty to any great bridal shower.

Crazy in Love Sign

A quick glance at this Crazy In Love Bridal Shower Sign is all it takes to let you know – even if only subliminally – that it stands out from the pack. Why? Because while many of the signs we’re featuring here today give that borderless, infinity effect, this sign is unique in that it envelops the message in a sharp double-border that does a great job emphasizing the message: That the bride is madly in love with her husband-to-be. We’re also fond of the secondary message at the bottom: “She’ll put a ring on it” with the date of her wedding. This is a fun, classy sign that she’ll want to keep as a memento of the special day.

Here Comes the Bride Sign

In a reference to the song that has guided thousands – if not millions – of women down the aisle, this Here Comes The Bridal Shower Sign is a stylish and elegant addition to any bridal shower. The bride’s name is written across the center of the sign in gorgeous italic font, putting her right in the middle of the spotlight where she belongs. At the bottom, the sign states simply that this is a celebration of her engagement to the groom, whose name can also be personalized for the occasion. A really special sign that fits the occasion for those brides who want a more formal party.

Pop the Bubbly Sign

If the “Here Comes the Bride” sign is an excellent choice for a party where the emphasis is on tradition and family, this Pop the Bubbly Bridal Shower Sign is a great option for an event where the guiding principle is: Have fun! The message across the front of this sign reads: “Pop the Bubbly, She’s Getting a Hubby,” which is a cheeky, cute way to kick off the wedding season. At the bottom, you can personalize the sign by counting down the days until the bride says “I do” at the altar. If the bride has a sense of humor (and a love for fine champagne), this is an outstanding way to decorate the bridal shower.

Personalized Wedding Signs

We might as well ride this destination train all the way to the inevitable conclusion, right? After our stops at Engagement Party Central and Bridal Shower City, let’s pull into the station at the big day itself: The Wedding! No matter how small or how magnificent the ceremony will be, a great sign can add a significant touch of charm and class to the occasion. These signs go just as well in the foyer of a church as they do in the white sands of an Atlantic beach. The important thing is that they flow seamlessly with any theme, and their largely-clear nature won’t intrude on the color themes and decorations you already have in place for the ceremony.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite wedding signs!

Monogram in Laurel Sign

This is the epitome of class and sophistication. We love this sign as much for what it doesn’t say as for what it says. By enveloping the couple’s (new) last name in a simple crown of leaves, this Monogram in Laurel Wedding Sign is an understated and beautiful way to introduce the newly betrothed to the world. Far be it from us to suggest a “right” kind of wedding to pair with this sign, but we can’t help but envision this one matching perfectly with an outdoor, elegant affair. Like most of the signs featured here today, you can customize the color of the scripting with more than twenty gorgeous hues.

Initials in Hexagon Sign

If you’re looking for a show-stopping entrance piece that will draw attention, we encourage you to take a look at this Initials in Hexagon Wedding Sign. There’s not a whole lot we can add to the name, of course, which pretty much says it all. This is one of those signs where you just have to look at it to appreciate the style and boldness it can add to your wedding ceremony. The only thing we’ll mention is that the initials are created by carving out empty space from the hexagonal shield, and it really lends the sign an air of artistic merit that shouldn’t be underestimated. Excellent sign.

Gender Reveal Signs

Gender reveal parties are a relatively new addition to American culture, but boy: They have caught on in a big way! And why wouldn’t they? These parties are a wonderful way for friends and family to get together and celebrate the impending joy of new life. Plus, let’s face it: Everyone loves a good surprise, and a gender reveal party promises that you’ll be there when the parents-to-be get one of the best revelations of their life. Whether the couple decides to cut into a cake, shoot a skeet out of the sky, pop a balloon, or devise some other novel way to reveal the blue or pink coloring, you can always improve the party with a great personalized sign.

Here are some that go wonderfully with every gender reveal party.

He or She Sign

Well, you can’t fault this sign for its directness. This He or She Join Us to See Gender Reveal Party Sign gets right to the point of the party with a bold, pink and blue message across the front of clear acrylic. “He or She” is written in standout cursive script at the top, and that’s joined by the cute “Join us to See” rhyming stanza underneath. The whole message is framed by a fair of whimsical flowers, giving guests a sweet and playful introduction to what will surely be a joyous event.

What Will Our Little Honey Bee Sign

If you want to have a little bit of fun with your gender reveal sign, take a look at this What Will Our Little Honey Bee Gender Reveal Party Sign. A bee illustration sits atop the “Honey” in the message, but that’s not our favorite part. The really great thing about this sign are the little pink-and-blue honeycomb designs that decorate the clear acrylic. You can actually use this sign as a jumping-off point for a full gender reveal party theme. Serve up some honeycomb-shaped cupcakes, put out lots of pollenating flowers, and then release a horde of bees to celebrate the final reveal! Okay, maybe don’t do that last part.

Personalized Birthday Signs

Gender reveal parties may be new, but birthday celebrations certainly aren’t. We have to imagine that human beings have been celebrating the anniversary of their births since the dawn of recorded history, and this is one occasion that isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Why should it? If there’s anything we should take pleasure in celebrating, it’s being on this spinning rock for another 365 days. Every year brings with it new lessons, new milestones, and a new set of (hopefully great) memories you can share with your loved ones.

If you’re planning a birthday bash for yourself, your child, your friend, or your significant other, we encourage you to add one of these signs to the party for a little extra shot of spice.

Happy Birthday Sign

Who says that adding a personalized sign to your party has to be complicated? If you want to keep things simple, we recommend this Happy Birthday Sign which can be customized with the birthday boy/girl’s name, the location of the party, and the date. It comes in more than twenty glorious colors (we’re particularly fond of how this sign looks in metallic rose gold, but you can certainly make your own decision).

Birthday Flags Sign

This jaunty Birthday Flags Sign spells out “Happy Birthday” in a succession of hanging pennants, creating a fun design that fits just as well with an adult’s 50th birthday as it does a child’s 5th. Underneath the flags, we have a simple message of: “Welcome to Christie’s 40th Birthday,” with both the name and age being fully personalizable (of course). If you want to send a clear signal to every guest that they’re about to have a blast, this sign is a terrific way to do it!

Graduation Party Signs

Wow, does time fly or what? Only 18 short years after that gender reveal party, and the proud parents could be ready to host a graduation party for their grown child! We’re sure that day seems like a million years away when you’re cutting into that pink cake, but trust us: You could blink, turn around twice, and miss the whole thing. That’s how fast it goes by. In any event, when it’s time to send your not-so-baby girl or boy off to college or into the world, you can do so with a bang by throwing them an awesome graduation party.

Here are some great signs you can use to make sure this event is the valedictorian of all parties.

Best of Luck Sign

This is a simply gorgeous sign to mark that delicate and exciting leap into adulthood. The first thing you notice about this Best of Luck Graduation Party Sign is the bold, alternating stripe design marking the left-hand side of the placard. Then, in huge font across the top, we have “Class of 2019,” with the final number topped with a mortarboard illustration. As always, the date is completely customizable! Across the bottom we have a classic “Congratulations [name of graduate]” message followed by the date and a forward-looking final salutation: “Best of luck at [college name].” A terrific sign for any graduate.

We’re So Proud of You Sign

Oh man, can we be absolutely honest here? We have a special place in our hearts for every sign we’ve featured here today, but if you were to hold us down and force us to choose our favorite, this one might just win the day. This We’re So Proud of You sign is a masterclass in elegance. Designed in an understated way that resembles a diploma, this sign covers all the bases: The graduate’s name, the high school from which they’re graduating, the college to which they’re headed, and a beautiful message: “Congratulations! We’re So Proud of You!” A touching sign that will send your kid off into the world the right way.

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