Welcome to our personalized pillow case section. Here is where you can select a template that has a design and we can change the name to make it yours. Or we can put a picture on the pillow and make a nice photo pillow case. We have plenty of colors to choose from and you can have plain or sequin. Our personalized sequin pillow cases are a top seller and make great for kids rooms or as gifts.

People pay all kinds of attention to pillows; if the size is right, are they too soft or too tall. Understandable, since pillows can represent the difference between a sound, restful night sleep or an insomniac, uncomfortable nightmare. But, really how much attention do we devote to our pillow cases? These items, seen as purely decorative, can be often overlooked. Think about it for a second, the place where your skin rests is actually the pillow case. This affects all kinds of variables: is the fabric soft or rough, will the material make your skin prone to acne, wrinkles and is the pillow case protective –not only to your face but for the pillow too.

Same as pillows, and the rest of the bedding, pillowcases can be synthetic or natural. There are pros and cons to each one, and like many things, it depends on the taste and preference of the user. Natural fabrics, considered more luxurious, are softer but less breathable and prone to wear. Synthetic materials make pillowcases more resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

Once the fabric has been selected, the next step is to choose a size. Of course, if you already have pillows, you need to pick whatever fits them. Here’s a brief explanation of the different sizes:

–    Standard size pillowcases –also called “housewife” have a solid sewn edge, which fits perfectly around your ‘Standard’ pillow. It measures 50x75cm. This fits any pillow size 50x75cm.

–    Oxford pillow cases have a wide stitched flat hem around the edge to create a border and fits any pillow size 50x75cm.

–    King pillowcases or “Super King” is just like a ‘Standard’ size pillowcase; however, it is longer. This is usually 15cm longer, so it is more elongated in size. This fits a pillow size 50x90cm.

Aside from the functionality of them and the technicality involved in picking a durable, skin-friendly pillowcase, they are a lovely and fun decorative item. Apart from the different fabrics and colors, at Personalized by Kate, we customize and personalize pillow cases to add more flair, whether this is for you or as a gift.

You may include all sorts of messages or customization to your personalized pillow case from formal, elegant choices such as monograms or the recipient’s initials to funny characters for your children and romantic, naughty messages for your girlfriend and boyfriend.

Keep in mind, pillow cases are one of the last places we rest our eyes before going to sleep, you want to make sure that whatever message/customization you include portrays the desired intention: inspire, motivate to rest, remind how much you love him/her or make someone laugh!

Seek through our extensive catalog and look through our selection of high-quality personalized pillow cases. Select one that fits your needs and preferences and let the imagination fly!