There is no better way to re-live a moment than looking at a photograph. Photos bring back memories and help us remember like no other item! In our digital era, we sometimes are in danger of losing or lose sight of those incredible memories, because we store everything in our computers or mobile telephones. Printing photos is a good idea, but printing an item with your favorite images is even better. Now you will have a thing that is both useful and cheerful!

Photographs capture every single particular moment in our lives: from a family vacation, a wedding, a birth, graduation, and not only milestones such as those, capturing a beautiful landscape or a loving embrace between a mother and a baby is worth having always in display.

If you search through our catalog, at Personalized by Kate, you will encounter many options to pick from to turn an item into a memory.

When you think about a picture gift, you may immediately think of a photo frame or a family album, and of course, those are the most traditional options. While we do love them, we also encourage our clients to think outside the box! For example, on the next Grandmother’s day, why not giving her a coffee mug with a picture of her favorite little angels, that way she will enjoy her morning coffee or tea while delighting with that pretty sight. Are you celebrating Valentine’s and are clueless of what to give to your boyfriend? How about printing a cozy pillow or blanket with your best photos? A cute item like those will make him dream of you no doubt!

Refrigerator magnets, keychain holders, candles and canvas are definitely among our favorites. Candles and puzzles have become a popular trend to celebrate romance or friendship, add a favorite photo and an inspiring quote and you will have the best gift to give. Some cute, original options include calendars and coasters which are not only enjoyable for the recipient but also for other members of the family or guests. Make sure of including that photo that stirs-up emotions and warms the heart.

Family gatherings or anniversaries must include a matching t-shirt! What a fun way to embark on a trip, when they are all wearing a customized photo t-shirt.

Not only picture gifts perfect for other people, you surely deserve praise and presents too! So, you can have a cute t-shirt, a mug or a canvas with the face of a beloved one, the memory of a trip or anything that means candy for the eye and love for the heart.

Our printing techniques are the best technology-wise, and the materials we use are of high quality. You will not have to worry about your memories fading, at Personalized by Kate, we care about your keepsakes, and we know how much you treasure those moments.

If you have a birthday coming, or any other celebration coming, make sure to give a personalized picture item! Memories are to be kept forever!