Welcome to our personalized photo puzzle section, here is where you can make your own puzzle using an image of yours. We have custom designs or you can keep it with no text and just use your image.

Do you like creative, out-of-the-ordinary, one-of-a-kind gifts? Great! Because we do too. At Personalized by Kate we are committed to delivering top-quality products that over exceed your expectations regarding beauty and functionality.

Personalized photo puzzles are hardly new. These incredible entertaining items have been around since the 1700s; traditionally made from hand-cut wood, these were intended as educational tools for children and adults alike. They have certainly stood the test of time, and still make an amazing present providing a promise of endless hours of entertaining.

Now, did you know jigsaw have healing powers? Yes! As magical as it may sound, scientific research shows that by practicing this activity on an often-base, both sides of our brain work (the creative and the analytical). This leads to better concentration, reduced chances of developing certain illnesses, improved memory, longer life expectancy and an even better quality of life! It has also been proven, than by correctly finishing a puzzle, the brain secretes a substance that provides a long-lasting sensation of happiness and accomplishment.

As you can see, jigsaw puzzles are not only great to teach kids, but to make adults happy too! If you are looking for a personalized gift, you have come to the right place because at Personalized by Kate, you will be able to make the most amazing jigsaw puzzle for your family, children or friends to enjoy.

To make a personalized picture puzzle, you only need to upload a digital image and our online tool will create a stunning personalized jigsaw puzzle. Our online tool helps you create puzzles from your favorite images and photos. You can choose a single image or a collage. You can print them in paper, carton, magnetic material or wood. This will become the most special gift to honor the person you wish to celebrate.

Photo puzzles make excellent presents for your kids, for grandparents or anyone who enjoys having the pleasure of assembling one. The best thing is that the image will bring back amazing memories of times spent together over and over.

You can also utilize jigsaw puzzles as creative promotional items for your company! Forget about boring things. Stand apart from the rest by giving your clients or prospects an invitation embedded in a puzzle. Trust us, you will gain their attention immediately!

Making these awesome gifts is very easy. You need to select a photo, or a compilation of photos, making sure the resolution requirements are met. You will upload the images, select the size, material and number of pieces desired and that’s it! Our site will do the rest.

Keep your photos forever in an original way. Make your photo puzzle today!