Who doesn’t love pets? They are the perfect companions; they are loyal, stick through thick and thin, and are the most grateful of creatures. If you have had a pet, there’s no doubt you adored it; you may have had a playful cat, a darling puppy, or even fish. The sight of pets illuminates our days and brings a broad smile to our faces.

Coping with the loss of someone loved is hard. It is also hard to find the right and appropriate words to offer anyone who is grieving the departure of a beloved one –even when the lost one is a pet. We are aware of that at Personalized by Kate; that’s why we can help you transform those empathetic feelings into beautiful, personalized gifts that can offer consolation.

Not only do we lose grandparents, parents, spouses, siblings, or children. Families also grieve when they lose a pet; that particular member of the family who became their source of solace during though times and joy during happy days. A personalized ornament or even a customized Christmas ornament will help you keep those beautiful memories intact. They say that looking at pictures is the most similar thing we can do to going back to the past and re-live gone days; you can perpetuate the happy days with a personalized frame, and your favorite photos.

Nothing can bring our beloved furry friends back, but there are many ways of keeping them alive and close to our hearts. One of the best ways is to keep an item in the intimacy of our house, which reminds us of their charming personality daily. Preserving our most cherished memories can be achieved with a unique piece that can also be appreciated by everybody surrounding us.

Pet Photo Pillowcases can also be used as an “in loving memory” item of a pet that is no longer with us; families who go through a grieving process –because there’s a considerable mourning period- may be comforted by the sight of their beloved cat, dog or the pet they lost. For people suffering the sad loss, you can lessen their pain by gifting them something useful –because every one of us needs pillowcases! – but also thoughtful and caring.

It is challenging to give a present to someone who now mourns the absence of a loved pet; at Personalized by Kate, we have sensitive, beautiful options for you. Our signs can be utilized to adorn a memorial service respectfully, and also, they can become a part of the house indefinitely. If the family has decided to keep the ashes of the departed beloved pet, one of our personalized signs can beautifully accompany them. Maybe the family has decided to select a spot in the house –such as a corner in a living room- and both the ashes and the sign can be seen as a place to pray, or to remember great memories.

You can personalize the items adding an inspiring quote, a picture, an image, a date, or anything that will make you remember with love and accept with peace.

You may want to honor a pet you have lost, or you may want to give a thoughtful, respectful present: an in-loving-memory sign is a perfect option. Search through our catalog. You will feel them close and know in your heart this is not good-bye but a mere see-you-soon.