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If you know someone who likes to travel our personalized passports would be a great gift for them. We ave tons of designs to choose from or create your own custom passport from scratch. Many different colors to choose from sure to match any luggage.

Traveling is simply great: it leads you to discover new places, admire different cultures and ultimately escape the routine and reduce your stress. Speaking about stress, nothing can be more stressful during traveling than losing your documents such as your ticket or passport. Picture this: you have been waiting for a long time in line, waiting to be called, maybe your kids are desperate and tired. They finally you’re your name and guess what? You cannot find your ID or your passport! You search through your purses and pockets, and the frustration only accumulates. Not just because you are losing time, but there’s a worst case scenario: your passport got lost. And yes, that means your dreamed vacations just turned into a nightmare, officially.

Your personalized passport is the most important document you have on you when traveling; therefore having a secure place to hold it is your main priority. That’s why it has become essential to have a passport holder. Having a passport holder has many perks: it efficiently secures your documents, and it makes your passport or ID easy to locate and take out. It also protects your documents from getting damaged: they could bend, tear, get smeared or get wet; after all most of us keep them inside our bags, back-packs or other carry-ons where we also have cosmetics, food or beverages.

At Personalized by Kate, we understand your need for having your documents ready and protected from any possible damage. We carry a great variety of passport holders, which are incredibly useful and practical items that keep your passport secure. You can also utilize them to hold on to your credit cards, driver licenses, other forms of ID, etc.

We know each traveler is different, that’s why we offer all sorts of options, regarding materials and types. Our custom passport holders can be worn on the waist, around the neck or like a regular wallet; if you are always on the go we recommend you getting a holder with a zipper which will enhance the protection plus the extra pockets will come in handy. Larger passport holders are widely suggested for traveling families, and having all documents in one secure place. Material wise our offer is also varied: from hard plastic to leather it all depends on your style and preferences. From classic solids to funky patterns, a passport holder says a lot about the owner’s style and taste!

Like every other item on our site, our passport holders are 100% customizable! You can choose from our vast catalog size, style, and color. Then, you can pick a design and make your passport 100% personalized by adding your name, initials, family surname, a phrase, or even a logo. Not only it makes your passport holder easier to identify, but it will also make you travel in style!

Don’t forget that personalized passport holders are also excellent gifts! Is someone in your family getting married? A set of customized passport holders for the newlyweds is a fantastic, thoughtful option. Think outside the ordinary and pick a unique item, that it is both useful and stylish. Whether it is for a thoughtful gift or for yourself or your family, a personalized passport holder is not an option these days, but an essential item! Choose the perfect one at Kate’s!