There are certain gifts that are challenging to pick –gifts for in-laws are definitely not easy- but among these quite difficult are office gifts. You find yourself constantly questioning your choices: is it too personal? Is it too informal? Is it too expensive? Will my boss like this?

At Personalized by Kate, we’ve got your back on this one. We understand the need and desire to give something meaningful, useful, and beautiful to a coworker in an elegant, professional manner. You may have a coworker you wish to celebrate; a colleague celebrating a milestone or your boss’s birthday. At any rate, we suggest first pondering an initial question: is this person, my friend or my colleague? If you visit him/her after hours, are well-acquainted with her family or spouse, and have common interests or hobbies outside work; this person is definitely your friend. And presents for friends are meant to be personal; you can even add jokes or personal remarks. For other peers, with whom you do not spend as much time with, but still, you find yourself admiring, and appreciating them; here are some of our most popular suggestions:

  • Desk Accessories. For someone who spends a great deal of their day sitting or staring at a desk, this is ideal! Among our items, you can find portfolios, agendas, journals, pen sets, mouse pads, card holders, coasters, pencil holders, paperweights and desk signs.
  • Mugs. Coffee is to an office what water it is to a Fire department; employees cannot do their job without it! We carry an amazing assortment of coffee mugs, varying in size, color, and style. Even if your colleague is not a big coffee drinker –which would be a rarity- we are sure he/she still enjoys a nice cup of tea or simply water. From traditional, ceramic cups to cutting-edge designed tall glasses; we have a perfect option for you.
  • Travel Accessories. More and more, the globalization has brought an increased amount of traveling regarding work. If your peer or boss is always on the go, one of our travel accessories will be much appreciated! Choose from luggage tags to passport holders, to toiletry bags.

If you are familiarized with the personal preferences or tastes of your coworkers, such as his/her hobbies, there’s plenty else to choose from.

Every single one of our items is customizable, this means you will be able to add a personal, meaningful touch to the gift, making it even more memorable. From different materials, sizes, colors and engraves or added wording, all of our gifts are made with top quality and true passion.

Stop worrying about what to give your boss or supervisor. Check out our extensive selection and choose a professional, thoughtful item that will make him/her feel truly appreciated, valued and respected.