There is no greater joy than the birth of a brand new baby. Friends and family cherish the latest addition in every possible manner: by throwing a baby shower beforehand, a welcome party once the baby is born and giving all sorts of tips and advice to the parents. If you are related to them, you also want to provide them with something special, unique and useful for this fantastic new stage. When we hear the word “newborn” we immediately imagine lots of crying, sleepless nights, worrisome over the slightest hiccup and overwhelming feelings; yet all of these do not compare to the tenderness, warmth, amazement and the kind of pure love only newborns inspire. If you seek for a beautiful personalized newborn baby  gift that encloses all of these feelings, you’ve come to the right place at Personalized by Kate.

Even before the little bundle of joy has arrived at this world, there are plenty of options to think about. The most obvious and important one is home décor for the baby’s room. If you want to keep it original, you can gift this baby with beautiful wall ornaments, wall decals that include his name, signs –also spelling his/her name- and every kind of nursery print you can think about. Before you take this road, it is a great idea to ask the parents-to-be about the thematic or characters that they have chosen for the baby. They may prefer neutral colors over bright, Disney princesses over flowers or sailor themes instead of trucks and trains. It all comes down to the taste and preferences of them since the little one isn’t able to express his wishes yet!

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Parents are famous for taking countless pictures of their precious baby; which is understandable since they do not want to miss a single milestone, and they want to keep it in their memories forever. Personalized photo albums are a must! A way of recording the incredible journey a new human being is about to start.

Surely the newborn will receive tons of clothing from friends and family. But something can distinguish your present from others: the customization you add to it! Personalized onesies are not only cute but useful, newborns utilize several each day! (and we are referring to days with no “accidents”). But you do not have to conform to the norm; personalized socks and hats are as charming as any other piece of garment.

Are you more interested in pleasing the chubby fellow? We have choices for the baby too! Something he will enjoy and learn to love. Among these, you can pick from customizable blankets, personalized security plush toys or customized pillows.

If you know the parents to be avid readers, we are sure they would appreciate commencing the habit from the start with their new baby. You want to melt their hearts? Give them a nursery rhymes or poems personalized book. The fantastic thing about our items is that they will become charming keepsakes that both the baby and the parents will be able to enjoy for a long time.

Seek throughout our extensive catalog and find the ideal personalized newborn baby gifts to celebrate life, hope and love, all bundled up is this precious newborn.