Did you know the term “housewarming” comes literally from the act of warming a new house, in the days before central heating? Each guest would bring firewood to the new house and build fires; the firewood being the gift. Aside from bringing some warmth to the house this practice was believed to repel bad vibes and cleanse the atmosphere before the new occupants arrived. Well today you might not have to worry about that but it is nice to bring new home gifts over to a friend or family members house when they move in.

A modern housewarming party does not involve fires, or evil ghosts wandering around! But it is an incredible occasion to celebrate moving to a new residence. Although you may be invited to a party a house went under remodeling! The point is to gather friends, and family and enjoy these great news.

Traditionally, guests bring gifts, and you may be wondering what can you give to this family, a couple or person that transmits how happy you are for them and how much happiness you wish them in this new, exciting endeavor!

While tradition dictates presents such as bread, wine or salt –they all have cool meanings behind them- other ones such as candles, throws, and welcome mats are great gift ideas; they bring character to the new home and carry beautiful meanings as well.

New Home Gift Ideas

If you want traditional new home gifts, here are some lovely ideas:

  • Basket with bread –So they’ll never go hungry.
  • Personalized glasses and a bottle of wine – So they’ll never be thirsty.
  • Personalized salt and pepper shakers – So their house will be full of flavor.
  • Customizable blankets and throws – so warmth always exist within their walls.
  • Personalized candle holders – so that light fills their home.

At Personalized by Kate, we carry an extensive list of new home gifts for you to pick from. Our personal favorites include: family tree frames (to decorate their walls and remember each member of the family), customizable kitchen utensils and dishes (you may add an inspirational phrase or the family name), personalized hand towels (ideal for the guests’ bathroom) and of course, rugs and doormats never disappoint.

You know the personality of your favorite host or hostess better than anyone; select a present and add your personal touch by customizing it. If your host likes to entertain often, we carry amazing cutting boards, barbecue sets, and kitchen knives to plan the perfect 4th of July; if your friend enjoys quiet and piece, a set of personalized aromatic candles will be a perfect companion for a rainy afternoon and for coffee lovers, nothing like a customized coffee mug to complement their mornings.

Better even! Get several presents and present them on a beautiful basket; you will become the guest everyone enjoys to have! If you have any questions about our personalized new home gifts we have specials that can be reached by phone and email.