Nameplates are the ultimate way to help to locate people within a building. If you personalize them with us, you obtain a functional item and a lovely decorative piece.

Are you looking for a way to help people find the right place or person? Custom desk nameplates are an easy and effective way to identify your business locations, whether you want to draw attention to an employee’s desk, a checkout counter, or an information center.

We’re ready with an assortment of customization options to help you design the right professional desk plaques for daily workplace use or unique staff gifts. For instance, more traditional approaches include a silver/gold plate with black text over. You can choose a colored plate or bold combinations such as colored text over black for a more edgy look. Then complete the look with your choice of the holder, with wood, aluminum, and durable plastic options available.

Give professionals personalized engraved nameplates and name badges they will display with pride. For employees, a custom name badge is perfect for everyday wear or makes a great first impression at events where they will be meeting new people. Set your words in brass, silver, or gold with engraved nameplates that look classy on their desk or anywhere they want to show off these keepsakes.

Make sure everyone knows your name and position with nameplates that communicate with clarity and sophistication. When you put a custom nameplate on doors and walls in your office, you can make it easy for coworkers and guests to find each other in a large organization. Office nameplates provide the same function, with brackets included allowing easy changing of custom nameplates when you get a promotion and your job title changes. If you work in a customer-facing position, desk plates and desk wedges open a clear avenue of communication between you and your customers while also adding a touch of distinction to your workspace.

We carry plates to please every preference and taste. Choosing the correct nameplate should be a well-thought decision as you will see it every day for many years to come! Aside from choosing the right style for you, you have to pick between different sizes, lettering styles, and any other customization you may add.

Our range is vast from desks, doors, conference rooms, board rooms, cubicles, meeting rooms, and so much more. Please take this opportunity to add a personal touch to your workspace with one of our fantastic personalized nameplates. Suitable nameplate variants are available for doctor’s clinics, hospitals, hotels, hotel rooms, law firms, retail shops, department stores, showrooms, schools, colleges, and other institutions.

Please browse through our extensive catalog, and search for the right personalized nameplate for you!