A mouse pad is basically a surface in which one sets a computer mouse. The movement and usage of the mouse gets enhanced by utilizing a pad underneath, in comparison to using it directly on the table or desk/ It provides a surface to allow accurate movement and avoid the annoying jittering; moreover it has been proved that mouse pads increase ergonomics and protects the wrists and forearms by providing an adequate rest.

There are three main benefits of using a mouse pad: increased precision, enhanced comfort, and higher speed. A collateral benefit to it is that you protect the desk or surface beneath; no one likes the scratching and wearing out that comes from continually moving the mouse.

There are a variety of mousepads available; they differ in texture, materials, and design.

Vinyl board cover, because of its natural adhesive properties, was a popular mousepad surface around 1980.

After the steel mouse ball was given a silicone rubber surface, the popular fabric-surface mousepad was found to be the most appropriate. It helped keep the rubberized roller-ball surface cleaner and gave better tracking, speed, and accuracy than just a desk surface. Such surfaces collected dirt which was then deposited onto the internal rollers that picked off ball movement. Dirty rollers caused erratic pointer movement on the screen. Newer generations of mousepads incorporate a wireless charging system, allowing specific wireless mice to be used without the need to replace or recharge batteries.

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