Coping with the loss of someone loved it is hard. It is also hard to find the right and appropriate words to offer anyone who is grieving the departure of a beloved one. We are aware of that at Personalized by Kate; that’s why we can help you transform those empathetic feelings into beautiful, personalized gifts that can offer consolation.

Nothing can bring our beloved ones back, but there are many ways of keeping them alive and close to our hearts. One of the best ways is to keep an item in the intimacy of our house, which reminds us of their beautiful persona daily. Preserving our most cherished memories can be achieved with a unique piece that can also be appreciated by everybody surrounding us.

If you wish to honor someone who is no longer with us, let us help. Seek through our extensive catalog, and you will find many options to pick from. Our favorites and most popular include personalized snow globes, personalized picture frames, customized jewelry, ornaments, personalized key chains, personalized plaques and garden accents (engraved stones).

You can personalize the items adding an inspiring quote, a picture, an image, a date or anything that will make you remember with love and accept with peace.

You can express your sympathy and offer condolences with appropriate gifts that show good taste and truly heartwarming emotions. Daily-use items such as a coffee mug can be transformed into your daily remembrance of grandpa by adding a photo or by adding his favorite quote. A customized pillow with your aunt’s favorite color will provide with comfort and coziness. You can keep your beloved ones close to your heart with a personalized necklace.

Not only do we lose grandparents, parents, spouses, siblings or children. Families also grieve when they lose a pet; that particular member of the family who became their source of solace during though times and joy during happy days. A personalized ornament or even a customized Christmas ornament will help you keep those beautiful memories intact. They say that looking at pictures is the most similar thing we can do to going back to the past and re-live gone days; you can perpetuate the happy days, the laughter, the embraces with a personalized frame and your favorite photos.

Angel-themed items are also often requested, as a token of hope, love, and sympathy; scented, personalized candles warm the senses and warm our souls; the symbolism in them reminds us that while the light is on, life goes on.

We know that nothing can replace that person that has departed; but at Personalized by Kate, we believe that by remembering our beloved ones we can keep them alive forever. Search through our catalog and pick an item that brings back memories, or something you can have in your house, close to your heart.
Whether you are mourning a family member, a friend, or a faithful pet, we are sure there’s a significant item waiting for you to help you ease the sorrow and provide peace.