Personalized Lighters

Among our functional presents, lighters rank high on practicality and popularity due to three simple reasons: they are lightweight, inexpensive and incredibly useful.

While some people consider them a useful item –even an accessory- some view them as a much-needed tool. Preparing for the unexpected is essential for you and your family; if you are one of those people who like to keep an emergency kit, a lighter must be included.

Moreover, lighters have been used and still are utilized for a wide variety of purposes: to light up a cigar, to start a delicious barbecue, to help on a camping trip and so and forth. Lighters make our lives way easier; especially for those who like to cook or enjoy the wilderness. At Personalized by Kate we specialize in turning ordinary items into thoughtful, unique presents; by adding customization to a lighter, you are crafting a gift to be remembered.

Now, there are different kinds of lighters, and we do carry them! Here are a few of the styles we have:

  • Zippo. Without question, this is a popular one; ideal for people who smoke, but due to their beautiful design these are also convenient to have in the kitchen, or even to light up a birthday cake! A bit heavier than others, this may not be the best option when weight is a constraint.
  • Peanut Lighters. As the name indicates, these small lighters are generally attached to a keychain; they are so tiny otherwise one may lose them! They’re easy to use because the fuel you need is inexpensive and available just about anywhere!
  • Stormproof torch lighter. If the weather turns harsh, there’s no need to worry about losing your flames because stormproof torch lighters are entirely protected by a waterproof casing. These items are light and small; they are an ideal option for an emergency, survival kit.
  • Bic Lighter. Okay, even more, popular than Zippo! There are insanely cute, although they cannot be refilled. Hence there’s something to consider. They’re also pretty fragile, not useable in colder conditions or if you drop them.
  • Floating Lighters. Surprise! There actually float! You can drop them in the pool and continue to work.
  • Waterproof. You want to rely on your lighter no matter how the weather is out there; if you’re thinking of using a lighter in the wilderness, you must get a waterproof one!

We have tons of ways in which you can personalize them. You may want to pamper yourself by getting an engraved lighter to serve any purpose, yet these are excellent options as gifts. Seek through our catalog to pick the best choice and light up the fun!