Some beverages are always drunk in large quantities: water, tea or lemonade can quench the most intense thirst on a summer day; you do not want to be re-filling your bottle every five minutes. You require one of our amazing personalized large tumblers!

Tumbler, what a catchy, fun word, right? The quirky term dates all the way back to the 17th century. The word was used to describe a specific type of cup –metal made with a round bottom. Whenever these cups were set on a table, they would start “tumbling” so the person would have to start drinking fast to prevent spilling. Smart thinking, right?

In modern times, a tumbler is a drinking glass that has straight sides and no handle or stem. We usually refer to tumblers when we talk about plastic or metal glasses utilized to drink beverages such as iced tea, juices, water, and the sacred elixir: coffee.

While having tumbler glasses seem like a great idea, getting a good one is surprisingly tricky. You want to get something functional, but at the same time eye-catching. At Personalized by Kate we carry an extensive list of options for you to choose from –metal or plastic- and you can customize your selection with a personal touch.


Steel Tumblers

In general, tumblers offer excellent spill resistance, ease of opening, durability, and ease of maintenance and washing. A stainless steel tumbler with a lid, is anyone’s perfect travel companion, as they serve excellently as coffee mugs. Our tumblers have an excellent insulation capacity; therefore your coffee will always remain hot, and your juice or water will keep fresh for long periods. A few other factors to consider:


  • The width of the base: A stainless steel tumbler with a broader base is more difficult to tip over accidentally. In fact, it is an ideal choice if you want to avoid unnecessary spills while the tumbler is being handled by a young kid.
  • Secure cap or lid: Our tumblers have high-quality covers, that prevent spillage accidents.
  • Cleaning. At Personalized by Kate’s, we value your time and know you do not want to spend a great deal of time cleaning and scrubbing your glasses. These are super easy to clean!

Plastic tumblers are convenient because they are lightweight. The other great advantage is that if they fall, they will not break or cause accidents –yes, we are always thinking about safety. Besides, our plastic tumblers are sturdy and inexpensive.

Like everything else in our site, our tumblers are 100% customizable, this means you can add personalization to your glass per your taste or preference. Whether you are giving one as a present or to yourself, you can add different monograms, wording or engrave them, to make it extra special. Customized tumblers are also exceptional promotional items; add your company’s logo and transform this functional glass into an eye-catching giveaway.

Due to their resistance and easy maneuverability, tumblers are an excellent choice for kids or elders, as the spillage risk is null. Seek through our extensive catalog and choose a large tumbler today!