Hangers are an everyday item, we all need them, and we all use them. At Personalized by Kate we believe in transforming ordinary objects into memorable pieces; you bring us your necessity and will add the fun and glam!

Personalized hangers are a perfect example of the above, among the many options we like them for three specific purposes:

  • As a wedding memento. Personalized wedding hangers make an ideal gift for your bridesmaids. They are that exceptional friends that have been there for you whenever you’ve need them. Now you’ve asked them to be your bridesmaids; they too, following your wishes, have selected the dress to wear on your wedding, gifting them with a personalized wedding hanger will be a gesture that will go straight to their hearts. There’s a lot of variety to choose from: engraved, hand-painted, etc. Your entourage deserves the best! Do you wish to surprise your soon-to-be hubby? Give him a matching wedding hanger for his suit! This day it is the day to be joyful, loving and happy! We have diverse calligraphy options for you to pick from. Our most popular design includes the words: Mrs. Lastname / Mr. Lastname. For the bridesmaids, you may customize them utilizing their first name. If the Groom wants to give a humorous detail to his Best Man, he can order a customizable wedding hanger with a witty phrase. Wedding hangers are also a great option if you wish to show your appreciation to your Mother and Mother-in-law. They have accompanied you through the process, and receiving a personalized hanger for their dress will make them feel even more included.
  • As a company promotional item. Personalize your hangers by adding a name or company logo to them. Personalized hangers make a great unique gift or if you are getting hangers for your business, adding your company brand turns them into a robust marketing tool, especially if you give them away with every purchase.
  • As a gift for kids. Kids love things with their name own, that’s a given. It gives them a sense of ownership and pride. We love personalized hangers for kids because they serve as a lovely ornament for their closet, it gives them some responsibility (trust us, they would prefer to hang their own clothes if their hangers are cool, beautiful and have their name on it), and ultimately… they love them!

All of our hangers are made out top quality; they are specifically designed to hold even the heaviest of the bride’s dress or to take care of the smallest, delicate piece of clothing. You can customize them in the top or lower portion of the hanger; we carry different materials such as wood and metal. Depending on your taste, color is also optional! Our favorites are pastel tones and classic wood. At Personalized by Kate, you have many different styles of hangers, which you can personalize and embellish even more!