We’ve all been here. We want to make a gift to someone who is special and also, out of the ordinary. We want to be unique and the opposite of boring. It all sounds good until we actually need to search for an item. Then the struggle begins. At Personalized By Kate, we are aware that people are different, and the array of taste and preferences are as wide as space. That’s why we offer such a complete diversity of choices to pick from; like a personalized growler!

If you have a coworker, a friend, a brother or a husband who loves beer, this is definitely the option for you. Growlers are jugs utilized to transport beer; with the incredible growth of craft breweries and the expanding popularity of artisanal beers, the popularity of growlers is also on the rise. We are talking about a crafty, trendy gift for a beer connoisseur.

These personalized growlers aren’t just your typical glass with a twist. They are made mostly out of glass, although you can find them also in ceramic or stainless steel. They come either with a screw-on cap or a hinged porcelain gasket cap. Both of these presentations help maintain freshness for days, even a week after opening, which is a plus for beer lovers.

Our custom growlers are 100% properly sealed, which helps to keep the carbonation indefinitely. Our growlers come with the usual glass handle, but we also offer them metal ones, which have more of an ornamental purpose. If you prefer a growler without a handle, we offer them in the smallest size. Since our jugs are opaque, sunlight will not represent a threat to the contents.

Since growlers are refillable, the owner will be able to go to his favorite artisanal beer shop and get a tap-fresh portion and enjoy it back at home for days to come. If poured days later, the beer will still be as fresh as new and the taste and flavor will be kept intact.

For beer enthusiasts, a growler represents the perfect link between the tap of their favorite brewery and the comfort of their kitchen table.

The fun part is, you will be able to customize it precisely for that special someone, or even for yourself! Not only you will be able to pick size, material and handle options; you can also choose between colors. The two most requested colors are clear, which allows the taster to appreciate the tone of his favorite lager; and amber, which resembles the color of most beers. We do carry, however, carry other colors for different preferences.

To top the personalization part, you can engrave it with almost any design you want! You may use one of our templates; add a logo, artwork or legend. You may want to engrave the initials of the person to whom you are giving it.

Personalized growlers are definitely a trendy present; one that seniors and youngsters both can appreciate. So, take a step to make a present out of the ordinary, useful and crafty. Your father, friend, husband or coworker will absolutely love the personalized growler we carry at Kate’s. If you desire to enhance your gift, add a couple of our available customized pints or beer glasses, and you will ace this celebration!