Having children in your life – be it your own or those of your friends and family – can sometimes feel like a never-ending gift-giving occasion. In addition to buying them toys at random times, there are always new birthdays, Christmases, and other holidays that seem to demand a slew of presents. After a while, it may be difficult to think of something new to get them. Sure, there’s always a new “hot” toy on the market or a new video game they want, but those presents are so fleeting and empty. Maybe it’s time to get them something a little more special.

If you’ve reached the same conclusion, then welcome to your one-stop shop when it comes to personalized gifts for kids.

Easy Shopping

The last thing you need when searching for personalized gifts for kids is more complexity and confusion. That’s why we’ve designed this section of the site to be super simple and perfectly user-friendly. We want you to find what you’re looking for, customize it with our easy-to-use forms, hit the button, and get on with your day! Leave the worry to us. We’ll handle any engraving that has to be done, we’ll get it packaged and shipped, and we’ll make sure you get all of this at an affordable, budget-friendly price. Our aim – always – is to turn every shopper into a repeat customer. We do this by offering the easiest, simplest shopping experience we can.

Gifts For All Ages

Whether you’re shopping for a brand-new baby boy, a toddler who is just getting interested in more complex toys, or a cheerful 10-year-old who has a big birthday coming up, you’ll find what you need here at Personalized By Kate. We’ve got personalized gifts for kids who are into sports, those who need a little help with their ABCs, those who love to snuggle up with big, plush stuffed animals, and of course those who love pretty pillows with lots of sparkles! All of these gifts are yours for customization, so you can make the present special and unique.

High-Quality, Brand-New Products

Because of budget restrictions, many kids grow up surrounded by used toys and clothing. We know we did! And that’s fine; there’s something to be said for hand-me-downs and getting the most out of a product. But that’s what makes our collection of personalized gifts for kids stand out. Here, you’ll find high-quality, brand-new products at prices you could expect to pay at your nearest secondhand store. Put that together with our customization options, and you’ll be able to get little Johnny or Jane a unique gift that is theirs and theirs alone. Furthermore, you’ll be able to do it without breaking the bank!

Ready to Play and Wear

Are you tired of buying your kids presents that you have to spend half a day putting together, taking apart, and hooking up before they’re ready to play or wear? You won’t find many of those sorts of presents here! Our gifts, in addition to being fully customizable, are mostly ready to play and wear right out of the shipping box! Wrap it up, hand it over, and your part is done!