You like to be the, and you want to celebrate in style. At Kate’s, we have the ideal piece for you: a 100% personalized flask or hip flask, as they are commonly referred to.

These super cool items, which track back to the 18th century, are a must-have in your house when you are throwing a fantastic gathering and you like to do it in style. Originally made out of silver, new flasks come in stainless steel or plastic which adds-up to the practicality of it. Their unique name comes due to the shape of it, which made them a perfectly discreet object back in the day. In fact, old silver-made flasks are sought by collectors.

Well you can start your own collection right now! At Kate’s you can find a wide assortment of personalized flasks for you to choose and personalize according to your preferences, taste, and style.

A personalized flask, along with a set of our personalized glasses, will be the eye-catcher of your next party! There are also great as gifts, especially when you want to celebrate an out-of-the-ordinary milestone such as a bachelor party, a graduation or a job promotion. Add a date, name or a phrase, and you will be giving something meaningful, fashionable and extraordinary.

They are also a classy, distinguished option to consider when it comes to getting a gift for your boss or coworker; we know picking something for the boss is not always an easy task. But choosing a great flask with a classic, elegant engrave and there is no way you will err! The excellent material holds the flavor intact and keeps the quality of your favorite liquor.

Our most popular designs include the ones with a vintage monogram, refined calligraphy or an added logo. You can pick and choose whatever moves you: a funny quote, your favorite’s sports logo or even date you wish to remember forever. They also make great gifts for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other commemoration.

Customizable flasks come in different colors, depending on what you like. Black, tan and silver are the most requested ones, but you can go a different direction if you are a gentleman who does not follow the mainstream.

If you are struggling thinking what to give your Father, Boss, Husband or Brother, dare to think outside the box. Choose one of our customizable flasks, and they will be delighted.

Make a statement, enjoy your night out. Choose from all our personalized flasks and celebrate in style!