These women are amazing; they have been by your side no matter the circumstances. Through thick and thin, you have shared with them laughter and tears; you have grown with them and now you have asked them to stand by your side on the most important day of your life. They are your bridesmaids. Now is the time to get them a personalized bridesmaid gifts.

This group of amazing people deserves the very best, not only they have proven to be the best friends in the world, but they’ve been along with you in the whole process: organizing, helping you make decisions and celebrating with joy and empathy.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

At Personalized by Kate, we have soft spot for your girls, your partners in crime. That is why we have many ideas for you to choose from, when you are looking for that very special detail that says: “Thank you, I love you and this would’ve not been the same without you.” Also most of our personalized bridesmaid gifts are made to last forever.

Our ideas include many options. Maybe you want to give them something at your Bachelorette party; if this is the case, any of our personalized glasses, cups, or customized tote bags are excellent choices. If you wish to spark things a bit, a personalized flask or a customized bottle opener with a witty, cute phrase will bring an immediate smile to their faces. For a more classic, elegant approach we carry jewelry boxes than can be engraved with the fines typography. However, if you are more on the practical side, an everyday-use item is always fun to give, such as customizable makeup bag or a personalized pillow.

There is the case, however, in which you want to gift your bridesmaids with a present that relives those precious moments from your wedding; a framed picture of you with them is one of the most popular options. Of course, all of our frames are 100% customizable, you can add letters, images or anything you wish. Another option is personalized wedding hangers; you are telling your bridesmaids that this day –while if focuses mainly on you- is also about them. About how  they have been the best group of friends you could’ve asked for in your life!

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

There is another perk, when it comes to our customizable presents. Let’s say you have found the ideal item you wish to give them, but you want to say something entirely different to one of your bridesmaids than to the other. They are all important, but in different ways! We understand this, that’s why many brides choose to personalize their gifts according to each one of the amazing women who are proudly part of their entourage.

Scroll through our extensive catalog, find an item that moves your heart, the same way these women have moved yours! When it comes to searching for the best personalized bridesmaid gifts, Personalized at Kate knows best.