Your birthday is coming, and you have everything prepared: lively music, delicious food, tasty drinks, and fantastic decoration. Something is missing! You want your celebration to be memorable, enjoyable, and filled with amusement. You are missing birthday shot glasses!

Once we hear the word “shots,” the fun automatically begins. Now imagine being able to add some flair to your shot glasses: decorate them according to your party theme, and moreover, they serve as super cheerful party favors.

You may be celebrating a milestone birthday –we all know the ’40s are the new 30’ s!- or you may be toasting to twenty-one: you surely need to start your adulthood with lots of fun and style. It does not matter which age you are commemorating, the important thing is to have a memento of the marking; which is multi-functional and adds up to the personalization. Birthday shot glasses will become your favorite collectible and your guests’ most appreciated party souvenir.

Custom Birthday Shot Glasses

Our customizable shot glasses come in two standard measurements: 1.25 fl oz and 2 oz. For those chary of heavy drinking, we also carry cheater shot glasses: their bottoms are reliable and give the illusion of a plain shot glass. In reality, these cheater shot glasses can hold only about half the regular 1.25 fl oz. Our glasses also come in a variety of colors: from the classic crystal to vibrant red, green or pink to the never-boring black and white. We have amazing artwork and design templates you can utilize to customize them. A typical personalization includes the number you are celebrating and a funny, touching or witty phrase beneath it. Other choices encompass different images, quotes, or one-word legends.

Birthday shot glasses also make excellent presents! Maybe your sister, best friend or cool aunt is having a birthday celebration, and you want to make a significant contribution. She would be delighted to have something for every guest with her name on it; after all, she is the star of the evening and wants her attendees to have the most fun.

Celebrating your first 21-year old toast must not go unobserved. The final step to adulthood has come; and while it involves a heavy load of responsibilities, it also translates into incomparable gratifications and glee time. “The first drink” marks the milestone into this new phase in life, and there is no better way of commemorating it than with a personalized birthday shot glass. At Personalized by Kate, we treasure the most critical moments in life, and this is definitively one of them.

We believe in celebrating each birthday as important as the next; yet, every year, our beloved seniors turn a year older, a party is a must! Every year marks new accomplishments and 365 more days of sharing time with family and friends. We have a beautiful birthday shot glasses in gold color, which you can customize, to celebrate a father, grandfather or uncle. Not only they are beautiful mementos, but they are also reminders that age is just a number, and the fun is non-stop through life.

Seek through our extensive catalog for a fun birthday shot glass, customize it, and let the party begins!