You may be surprised to learn that, when people are asked, they do not mention expensive or large items as their favorite birthday gifts. People confess that their favorite birthday presents are those that show the amount of effort and thought put into them. “I feel like he/she really knows me” is a universal statement. We have many personalized birthday gifts to choose from.

Well, if there’s anything that shows thought is giving a personalized birthday gift. We, at Personalized by Kate, specialize in creating unique presents that reflect how exceptional the recipient is. The look on her/his face when opening the gift is worth capturing and that precise moment will let you know you have chosen wisely.

Why are personalized gifts so popular and demanded? First of all, they reveal how much you know that person. Depending on the item you pick, it can be related to their hobbies, their line of work, their age, taste, preferences, etc. Second of all, it gives the present a sense of belonging; that is not just “another jewelry box,” that is Lola’s jewelry box. And along with this line, this items turns from being a thing to a keepsake that can even be gifted to next generations.

Birthday Gift For Him and Her

You may be struggling to choose a birthday present for that special someone in your life: your spouse, your daughter or brother. A best friend or someone from work. Seek through our extensive catalog and pick an item that says: “I am glad you are part of my life.” We have things for adults, young and teens, kids and babies.

You may be celebrating a significant birthday such as the 1st –we carry adorable options for our favorite chubby ones- when they officially turn into teenagers at 13th. 21st birthday is always to be celebrated and so on.

We also carry many different personalized birthday gifts for the wiser, more experienced generations hitting the fabulous 50, 60 or 75 marks! Blow out the candles in a different way this year; make this occasion unforgettable and omit boring cliché presents. Your dad, boyfriend, niece or mother-in-law will be delighted to receive a gift that will touch her/his heart.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Our options include decorative items, practical presents for the everyday use, jewelry, kitchen tools, house décor, and many other ones.

Select the item and search our customization options which may include: engraving, printing or color-picking, depending on the choices available. Not only do presents turn into memorable objects, but a little part of that person’s essence becomes tangible and present forever.

Think for a moment about the person you want to gift. Is she shy? Is he elegant? Does she like sports? Is he a wine connoisseur? Or is she a beautiful, dimpled baby turning twelve months? Whatever the case may be, at Personalized by Kate we carry the ideal present for you. Check out our extensive selection of personalized birthday gifts and start celebrating from the moment you place an order with us!